Fluid Strength Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Mood Booster Flow

60 min - Practice


Lift the body, lift the breath, lift the spirits.  Lydia leads a mood-boosting flow to help us cultivate stability and strength. After a seated stretch, we begin a tapping and shaking practice to bring us into presence and release tension. We move through lunge salutes, strengthening holds, and dynamic standing sequences, experimenting with the gaze and with “joyful breath” throughout practice. We play into an optional inversion before cooling down with back bends and a centering pranayama practice. You will feel stable and uplifted.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)


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This rejuvenating practice had lots a variety and was very fun. I love tapping and wiggling and breath work - it just feels so good both during and especially afterwards. Thank you for this brightening offering 🌞
Jenny S So happy you found some joy in this practice Jenny! Happy to be practicing with you always. Lydia 
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Surprising mix of strength building challenges and yet playful and fun. I enjoyed the tapping and wiggling, along with the breath work. Thank you for this uplifting practice.
Lise G So happy to hear you found this class fun! It is a joy to hear that and to be able to practice with you from afar Lise! Lydia 
Beautiful sequencing, Lydia Zamorano ! And your instruction is so joyful, so full of compassion and clarity! Love.
Kate M Thank you so much Kate! Love seeing your comments. Have a lovely day! Lydia 
Dear Lydia—thank you for your joyful spirit. It’s a cold morning here (Southern Hemisphere) and my stiff body was tantruming No, No WAH, but my spirit heard Yes, Yes from you and I thoroughly enjoyed this practice *looking up* ⛅️✨
Debra D Dear Debra, I'm so glad this practices warmed your spirit. Looking up, Lydia 
Fun and invigorating!  
Monica B Happy! 
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