Joyful Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Steady Strength

60 min - Practice


Ride the wave of energy and breath.  Wade leads a vibrant fiery flow class to help us steadily build the physical and spiritual strength needed to support us in our lives. We begin in supine and seated core, glute, leg, and back activation, play into handstand hops to build arms and shoulder strength, standing poses that challenge balance, and core pulses in Down Dog and Side Plank, tying it all together in Flamingo pose. We release and close the body before settling into seated meditation. You will feel a sense of peaceful stillness.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)


My hips and sides were awakened as was my spirit which enjoyed the ending meditation. Thank you for a wonderful class.
Christel B its great to hear from you and so glad you resonated with and felt this Strength Journey!
Post Covid vaccine #2, I was a little fatigued this week, so I saved this for the weekend, and WOW! This felt so good...a nice, slow pace with strong strength work that was challenging, but somehow doable and fun. This is a keeper!
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Hi Jenny S Congrats on the vaccine, so glad you were feeling this challenge- it's always good to have a strengthening practice in the library, thanks for going for it!!!
Thank you! I love  your praktice. My arms and hips are greatfull greetings from Czech Republic to you 🧘🏼
Hi Matilda P Great to hear from you and glad connected w/ the Strength Flow!

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