Posing Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Warrior 1

10 min - Tutorial


We look at Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasana 1), with the help of Matt, Julie, and Winifred.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Oct 03, 2014
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Kira-Your approach to yoga asana as gentle, honest, self-exploration is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing. Billie A.
I find that I have some minor lower back pain/stretch on the side with the leg back. This isn’t mentioned in the tutorial. Am I somehow doing something wrong or is this how it should feel. I want to turn my hips sideways but I see you should be facing the front leg.
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Hi there June! Sorry you are experiencing pain on the side with the leg back. To be clear about the intention of this tutorial, we are not so much teaching the pose as trying to share how different it will be for every body.

Pain usually does indicate that the way you are approaching the shape could be shifted to be more comfortable. Your inclination to want to open the hips to the sides is natural as the request to turn them forward can be uncomfortable. Without being together live, it is very difficult for me to see what shifts would make Warrior 1 more awesome for you. Meanwhile, try this class to see if it helps you find a better relationship with the shape.

Let me know how it goes. xoKira
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I find if I step forward instead of back with the weight as evenly through ( can lift toes and replace to feel the inner arch support the base . It helps you to take care of the sacroiliac joints and not push against them if you place  the front foot inner hip distance  so a smaller step forward with no weight . This helps the back foot and leg really find the floor. The front foot then rolls from the heel to the ball of the big toe joint and baby to joint ( toes sofly landed) .. the knee does as Kira says and doesn't over extend. ( I enjoy feeling how the knee bends from inside or behind ) I feel this helps me to stop pushing against my sacroiliac joints and the freedom in the knee reflects the support through the knee joint to the spine itself ( so no weight bearing in the knee) .I Love the way Kira reflects the support of the arms through the spine to the lower body in her practice , with the connection of the hands and arms giving support through to the feet . Really lovely . You can feel the beauty and the power in the Warrior 1 pose. Thank you. 

Dearest Rachel H, I love your clear and detailed sharing of the inner world of your physical alignment . Thank you!

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