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Season 1 - Episode 3

Ocean Body

30 min - Practice


What would it feel like to allow for more ease in this moment? Alana guides us through a fluid practice to awaken, free, and energize the spine. We move through variations of Sun Salutations and standing shapes to strengthen, stabilize, and open the legs, hips, back and shoulders, in preparation for expansive and spacious backbends. You will feel receptive, resilient, and shiny. 
What You'll Need: Mat


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Thanks Alana! That felt great! Loved the flow and watching the waves crash in the background. Wish I could be there. Namaste 🙏
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Loved this creative flow first thing in the morning.
Anda S, Thank you so much for joining me at the ocean! The sound of the waves crashing is very meditative. Wish you could be here too but so glad we have the opportunity to practice together. Namaste and Love, Alana  
Christel B, So lovely to FEEL your LIVE presence during class. It adds a whole new magical dimension to the experience. So happy you loved this creative flow! XoA
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Thank you!! I always feel so good after your class!! SO much gratitude!!
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Love this fluid practice that merges the crashing waves with the ocean body...the dancing with the ocean and the good memories invoked by the recurrence of some “vintage” Yoga Anytime poses 🧟😉❤️
Hi, Alana! I really loved this practice!  Thanks and regards!
So happy to hear, Laura M! Thank you so much for joining me in these fun  Outdoor Yoga Flows. It's such an amazing feeling to know that we are practicing together. Love, Alana 
Jenny S, Your words are poetry. You are so in tune with the energy of the moment and the inner and outer landscapes. I always appreciate your fresh perspective and insight. Grateful for your presence. Love! Alana 
Hi Sandra Židan! I am so happy to hear this! Thank you so much for joining me in Yoga at the ocean. Stay close. XoA
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