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Season 1 - Episode 4

Inner Glow

30 min - Practice


Be with the process, rather than trying to achieve the “perfect pose”. Inspired by the ocean waves, Alana guides us through a rhythmic practice to awaken the whole body, generating heat, strength, and a flow of energy and awareness. Moving with the breath, we play with classic Sun Salutations and familiar standing and balancing postures, increasing our capacity for ease and effort. You will feel grounded, refreshed, and clear. 
What You'll Need: Mat


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Wow! This 30 minute practice was packed with yoga asana’s greatest hits, yet it never felt rushed. The morning cobwebs have been swept away and I’m feeling vibrant. Thank you, Alana, for this new go-to practice! 💥🌊🌅❤️
Thank you very much, Alana, for this beautiful practice! Namaste!
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I just love your positive energy and compassionate, joyful guidance! Thank you : )
Jenny S, Thank you for your delightful message.. it made my day! So glad you felt some spacious within all of the various shapes and movements. Grateful for your presence, always. Sending love, XoA
Sandra Židan, Thank YOU for joining me in this practice! So happy to know that you enjoyed this flow. Namaste and Love, Alana 
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a question please - with the leg raises which I do with a strap round the lifted foot - is it better to keep standing leg and trunk aligned and upright and accept the lifted leg doesn't come up so high - as opposed to lifting the leg higher but compensating by leaning my trunk away from the lifted leg as counterbalance. also any preparatory stretch/strength work useful here? thanks
Thank you, Kate M. It warms my heart to hear your words. Grateful for your presence and so happy to be in Yoga together. Love! XoA
Hi Matthew! Great question, thank you for asking. First of all, great job modifying with a strap. This standing-balancing pose is very demanding on the hamstrings! My suggestion is to practice with your trunk in Tadsana or Mountain Pose.  Feel and maintain the upright quality of your spine, play with keeping this lift as you loop the strap around the foot and work towards extending the leg. Does this make sense? As for prep, I love finding this posture on the floor with a Strap. See example. Also, triangle pose is a nice prep to stretch the hamstrings and open the hips. Hope this helps. Keep me posted! Warmly, Alana 
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Very helpful - will follow this approach and check out the hamstring stretching video too. many thanks. 🙏 
Matthew, Keep me posted on how this approach/play is working for you. Have a great weekend! Alana
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