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Melina welcomes us to Season 5 of Yoga for Our Nature. Together we journey through 8 grounding, challenging, and fun practices each progressing mindfully towards an accessible peak pose inspired by Nature and the 5 elements. These creative and empowering sequences are designed to connect you to the world around you, and help you reach new heights, on and off your mat. 
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May 09, 2021
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Welcome to season five of Yoga For Our Nature on Yoga Anytime. I'm Melina Meza and I'm so happy you're here to join me on this adventure. Together we journey through eight grounding, challenging, and fun practices, progressing mindfully towards accessible peak poses inspired by nature and the five elements. We explore asana, pranayama, meditation, and weave into your daily routines, Ayurvedic practices that help you feel fluid, centered, strong, and connected. These creative and empowering sequences are designed to help you feel connected to the world around you and to reach new heights on and off the mat.

Let's begin.


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I love this theme!   Your practices are so instructive and fun with your creative use of props.  I learn something (several things) new with each class...what a perfect way to start off summer!
And I love your willingness to try new classes and be inspired!  Grateful you are part of this community.

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