Yoga for Our Nature Artwork
Season 5 - Episode 3

Up and Down the Mountain

45 min - Practice


Harness the life energy growing in the mountains. Melina leads a playful practice exploring variations of Mountain Pose. We begin our adventure stretching and warming the wrists, core, and shoulders, move into modified Sun Salutations, and then use the chair to play into a supported Handstand, an upside-down Mountain Pose. We close in a seated meditation and mudra practice. You will feel grounded, focused, and invigorated.
What You'll Need: Mat, Chair, Square Bolster, Strap, Block


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Another lovely practice. As always, your creativity keeps things interesting and playful. The images you conjure whilst speaking of our body as a mountain took me right back to childhood summers spent in California. These practices are the perfect blend of asana and meditation…thank you Melina 🙏🏻🏔❤️
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 Hola Melina, that was absolutely wonderful! I had that Donovan song:
"first there is a  mountain, then there is no  mountain, then there is..."(
playing in my head throughout!
The sun rises , inching a few steps to the left along the rim  of Gibraltar daily- Gibraltar is the total shape of a sleeping woman from my window . Many days "shrouded in cloud" but always there! On a clear day to my left I also catch glimpses of the Atlas Mountains way over in Africa and to the right the Malaga range - I´m surrounded by mountains and ever grateful for their ancient presence  !
Thank you some much Melina!
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Thank you Jenny for the sweet share, I'm glad you've had a connection to a sleeping lady mountain range in your life. Michelle...when do we get to come visit???! Your place sounds amazing and I suspect now I'll be singing that Donovan song all day. Thanks for watching the videos and for appreciating the nature around you.
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Lovely lovely practice.  Thank you, Melina.  I love the imagery as you lead us in poses.  May the next episodes of Season 5 drop into our mailboxes soon.  Be well.  
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Hello Ellen! I'm happy tho hear you're enjoying the show and imagery. Please know for Season 5, there will be one new class available for eight weeks total.  I hope this allows you to repeat each practice for at least a week, and go to new heights with each peak pose! Be well and hope to see you in town one of these days!
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What a fun adventure! I too, find your creative imagery and posturing so inspiring. The subtle mudra at the end was AMAZING! Just those little fingertips touching evoking a real sense of deeper grounding and connection! Thank you 💗
Wonderful, interesting and challenging practice! Thanks, Melina! Kind regards!
Definitely plan on doing this one again as it made handstand more accessible to me than ever before! I love going up and down the mountain now!
This was such a nice practice! I grounded and strong. I love the image of a sleeping person as a Mountain. I have a view of Mt Tam from my place and often watch the sunsets over it. If it isn't too foggy tonight, I'll do it! I've been told that Mt Tam looks like a sleeping woman, and I can't unseen it now. All the best, and peace.

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