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Season 1 - Episode 4


10 min - Tutorial


We look at Triangle Pose (Trikonasana), with the help of Winifred, Julie, and Matt.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Sep 26, 2014
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Welcome back. Thank you again Julie and Winifred and Matt for being here. So we'll take a look now at trikonasana, triangle pose. Tree, three, kona, angle, asana, three, angle pose. What we'll do is we'll flow into it because there are hundreds of ways to come to triangle pose and what's funny sometimes about looking at a posture, sometimes we look at a posture as if you just came upon it in a field and it just happened to be there. But with every posture, just like every moment in life, it's contextual. Where did you come from? Where are you going? So just in the interest of consistency, I'll lead our friends into triangle pose in a way that we usually do it, that we have to give credit out to Papa Shiffman for this particular way of coming in. Okay, so we'll start in tadasana. So let's bring the feet close-ish, balls of the big toes dusting. Take a moment my friends to lift up through your toes to engage that inner arch line up through the inside of the feet. Let that create a, and we've been using generosity as the alignment cue, but can you feel a natural enthusiasm through the heart? Just a natural enthusiastic gratitude. Nice, let the mind be light, so let the base of the skull widen a bit and and tune just a little bit here to softening the dha, softening your lips. And as you soften the dha on the lips, can you feel your eyes kinder? Okay, sit bones relax. Okay, let your hands find each other at the heart, and then we'll flow towards this. So inhale here, and as you exhale let your hands gently press towards the earth. As you inhale circle your arms up, uh-huh, and as you exhale swan dive forward, let your knees bend as you fold gently over the legs, so nice. Let an inhale create a half arch, and as you exhale please step your right foot back, let your left knee bend as if you were coming into a lunge, pause, pivot the back right foot at about 45 degrees so the whole sole of the foot is on the floor, beautiful. And then when you're ready find your right hand up on your right waist please, find your left forearm up onto your left thigh, nice. Now here's a really nice place to tune some of the elements that will be useful in triangles. So can you feel your heart again grateful, enthusiastic, yeah. Can you feel the base of your skull soft, uh-huh, and can you feel your sit bones long, and maintaining the kindness in your eyes, pretty mat, you're going to start to root through the ball that big left toe, and you're going to start to let that left leg draw towards straight, and then you let the left hand find where she belongs, so that might be on the leg, some of you it might be on the floor, some of you it might be on a brick. Julie, does this feel more comfortable? Okay, and now take a moment here, but all of you notice how you feel, and then those of you at home, can you start to observe some of the differences? So just just observe simply where each of our three yogi friends have their hands, so Julie's on a brick, Winifred's on the floor, and our friend Matt is on his leg, please take a moment to notice like the difference of how the the lower side waist looks, how the upper arc looks, and so now all of you please circle your right arm now in front of your face and up towards the sky. Okay, so this is kind of what you see is the classic trikonasana, a few more moments, just like see if you can see the difference of where their hips are in relation to their heart, these aren't easy details to see, but this is this is one of the things we're trying to do, right? Can you see the the tone in the back, no you're perfect, can you see the tone in the back of Julie's knee? Last few moments, and what we're gonna do is we're gonna let Matt take a break, okay, in fact we're gonna let all of you take a break for a moment, so both Julie and and Winifred bring your hands down around that front left foot, Matt you can find child's pose, okay, not you guys though, okay, so let's see if we can let's see if we can really show this, so you guys again find blueprint side angle pose, so see your find your your back foot pivot, find your right hand up on that right waist and your left forearm on the left thigh, so right here just pay attention with our two Yogini friends, just the distance that they've chosen between their feet, like just look at that and that's going to determine a lot, okay, again there's no right way, okay, now will you guys both please morph into letting your left leg draw a little straighter, okay, and as you let your left leg draw a little straighter find your hand where it feels comfortable, is the brick comfortable for you today? Okay, and so here just just like just see if you can notice the the just the play and again both Julie and Winifred such beautiful Yoginis with different anatomy, okay, like how our postures look is a combination of how we came out of the womb combined with our day job, and Winifred's day job is teaching yoga, okay circle your right arm in front of the face up towards the sky, I should be more specific, she teaches yoga and she's a rock and roller, okay, and like this is easier from this angle, like just see if you can notice the the particular bend behind Winifred's heart, different from the bend behind Julie's heart, so pretty you guys, see if you can notice like the extension of the leg, last few moments, and like so as you approach your postures, you approach your triangle pose, as you approach your triangle pose, like notice what feels comfortable for you, so for the last few moments, would it feel more comfortable Julie, if you just let that soften just a little, does that feel better? Yeah, I know that's gonna get really worked out, and Winifred would it feel nicer for you just notice like you've got such a beautiful back bend here, but what does it feel like if you just let your like let your sit bones relax a little bit, yeah, does that make sense? Okay, like all of us, forever and ever and ever, the posture changes, the posture changes, okay you guys, you can be at ease, you can let your hands come down, find the shape of the lunge, I'm gonna move your brick out of the way, and then find child's pose like Matt, Matt's waiting for you in child's pose, again there is many ways to do triangle, just like every pose that we'll be exploring, there's as many ways to do triangle as there are people doing triangle, we are so unique, there are common features, right, like generally most of us, you know, as human beings, there's a lot of commonality, and there's a lot of difference, so as you explore your posture, just find out how you look, and eventually we'll be asking you to send pictures, because the truth is, right, yoga is not about being one way, yoga is increasing our capacity for the multiple ways we show up, namaste.


Kate Smith
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Amen. We are SO unique. Thank you, Kira.
Tamie F
Today I needed this wonderful insight, "Yoga is not about being one way. It is about increasing our capacity for the multiple ways we show up."
Thank you
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I love your approach, Kira. Thank you.
Kira Sloane
HiĀ Ali! Good to see you this morning. xok

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