Yoga for Trauma Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 9

Play and Restore

25 min - Practice


Play is the opposite of depression. This playful practice engages the frontal lobe of the brain in order to access a greater sense of wholeness, curiosity, and joy. Kyra encourages us to imagine ourselves in a different environment, even as different creatures, experiencing familiar poses to release stickiness in the body, challenging coordination, exploring range of motion in the hips and spine, and playing in a Qi Gong “teacup” practice. We close in supported shoulder stand to integrate our practice. You will feel clear, uplifted, and at ease.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block


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Play and Restore….first day of Kindergarden pictures posted ….your time!!! My time to NOT return to K classroom as retired for 14 yrs!! I accept where I am, modified in a lot of Child Pose! 💕
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This is the funnest yoga class ever! Thoroughly enjoyed being silly and moving so freely. My mood went right up! X
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I was in that body of water, with perfect temperature, with the sea turtle movements. My chronic sympathetic mode only calms when I’m in the bathtub, today I didn’t have to visualize, I was there. 🛁
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You are saving my life Kyra
Interesting practice! Thanks, Kyra! Namaste!
The teacup play was amazing- loved the whole practice and filled with joy!  Thank you thank you Kira!
oh my holy goddess, it was amazing, i combined your class with my playlist ( and a lot of work on the ground and it resulted an amazing work that made me cry and also feel good and open in womb. thank you, namaste

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