Wake Up with Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Calm and Connected

30 min - Practice


Slow down in this stretch class and feel a sense of openness and wellbeing. We take our time exploring lunges, twists, and familiar poses to find space in the whole body, focusing on the hips and legs. You will feel relaxed, nourished, and restored.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block (2)

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Great way to begin my day! My hips were really open for my bike commute. Loved the use of the blocks; that felt great, and it was easy to modify. Might have to try reading a book in figure four.  
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David Goldstein Hi David, Yes, sometimes a nice good stretch before a workout can be very beneficial. You may also like to do this class after the bike ride. I always appreciate your feedback. Thank you! Namaste, Birgitte
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YUMMY! Oh Birgitte this was delightful! I really loved the figure four sitting up, it got into the sticky spots that needed attention. Thank you for making Thursdays something to look forward to. So much gratitude.  
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Fern S Hi Fern, Sometimes a slower practice simply does it....like you said, it can feel really YUMMY! So glad you joined me on this journey. Gratitude for you as well, Birgitte
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lovely practice :))
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my favorite!
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Fabian H Dear Fabian, Wonderful to hear. Thank you so much for your feedback. Warmest, Birgitte
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Nancy H Dear Nancy, Great to hear! I created this sequence specifically to make it more of a restorative and meditative experience. So glad you liked it. Namaste, Birgitte
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Aaaah…a much-needed and lovely stretch after a full day in the car. Traveling on busy highways is extremely stressful for me, so this class was also very beneficial for calming my nervous system. Thank you this lovely practice 🙏🏻❤️
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Jenny S Hi Jenny, Traveling on highways are stressful for me as well..especially at night. Glad to hear that the yoga practice was helpful. Namaste, Birgitte
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