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Wake Up with Yoga

Morning is a wonderful time to practice Yoga! This show is designed to inspire morning movement so that you feel energized, centered, and connected throughout your day. Together we explore Sun Salutes, core-stabilizing postures, and familiar standing postures to increase your stability, flexibility, and balance. You will learn how to work with alignment in order to get maximum benefits, leaving you feeling stronger, calmer, and more alert.

Season 1 - Birgitte Kristen

In Season 1, we move mindfully through 30-minute alignment-inspired Hatha-Vinyasa practices designed to cultivate strength, stability, and flexibility. These clear and dynamic 30-minute sequences target the entire body, creating openness across the chest, abdominal strength, mobility in the shoulders and hips, and relief for the lower back. You will feel strong, centered, and energized to start your day.

Season 2 - Sarah Manwaring

This season, we use the timeless gifts of Hatha yoga combined with embodiment language, simple breath cues, and somatic awareness to create joy, and to have a conversation with our nervous systems on the mat. These practices are designed to cultivate vitality and ease through precise shapes and playful fluid movement. You will feel energized, clear, and calm with an awake mind, spacious joints, and a strong integrated body.

Season 3 - Birgitte Kristen

The practice of Yoga is so much more than the poses - it's a blueprint for living. This season, we focus our sequences around the Yoga philosophy concepts of the Yamas and Niyamas, allowing us to explore the practice in more depth and enrich our experience together. We move slowly and mindfully through 8 30-minute classes that target the entire body, generating strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility, and leaving you feeling stronger, calmer, focused, and more introspective.

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