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Wake Up with Yoga

Morning is a wonderful time to practice Yoga! This show is designed to inspire morning movement so that you feel energized, centered, and connected throughout your day. Together we explore Sun Salutes, core-stabilizing postures, and familiar standing postures to increase your stability, flexibility, and balance. You will learn how to work with alignment in order to get maximum benefits, leaving you feeling stronger, calmer, and more alert.


Season 1 - Birgitte Kristen

In Season 1, we move mindfully through 30-minute alignment-inspired Hatha-Vinyasa practices designed to cultivate strength, stability, and flexibility. These clear and dynamic 30-minute sequences target the entire body, creating openness across the chest, abdominal strength, mobility in the shoulders and hips, and relief for the lower back. You will feel strong, centered, and energized to start your day.

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LOVED this show!!! Looking forward for the next classes with Birgitte
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Aurora del Villar Dear Aurora, I am so happy to hear that the show worked for you. Thank you for your kind feedback and for practicing with me. I will be filming 60 Minute sequences in February, 2022. Let me know if you have any requests for a certain pose for me to explore in one of the sequences. "See" you in 2022!  Warmest, Birgitte
Birgitte: Please consider doing Yin poses. I think I would be able to really make progress in my stretches just as with the poses.  So happy there will be a new season too! 
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David Goldstein Hi David, Yes, for sure. When filming my new videos in February, I will make sure to include some long stretches. It will be easier since my videos will be 60 Minutes long. Thank you for the suggestion. Namaste, Birgitte

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