Kundalini Rising Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 2

Brain Balancer

25 min - Practice


This powerful brain balancing set will help oxygenate the brain, bring balance to the right and left hemispheres, activate the pineal gland, and relieve memory loss. It is a great class to do when you have anything coming up in your life that requires a great deal of focus. After our opening mantras, we start our spinal warm ups to relieve tension in the back, move the prana, and open energy channels in the body. Our 3-part kriya set uses movement, breath work, and mudra to reset hormone levels and bring clarity to mind. You will feel refreshed and clear-headed.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Hi Kara. I loved this class. I found the sequencing of the breath work surprisingly challenging, and reveled in the sensations after each pose. A stimulating class. Thank you. 
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Diane C Challenge is good! Sounds like you met it well though :) I love the sensations and movement of energy that occurs after kriya work - Its evidence of the technology at work!  excited to hear how you like the classes through the rest of the series - thanks for sharing.
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Oh how I’ve missed this! Kundalini Yoga seems simple but it is so transformational. Even by doing this one practice I’m now feeling the benefits: a clearer mind and an awakened inner spirit. So looking forward to the rest of this season 🙏🏻❤️
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Jenny S I’ve missed corresponding with you! I’m so happy you enjoyed it and found transformation and shifted perspective from the practice- it’s truly a sacred technology! I look forward to hearing your experiences throughout 🙏
Good day to you Kara!
This was crazy for me- I woke up out of sorts, vaguely disgruntled for no apparent reason and definitely agitated and somehow edgily  unbalanced - so this looked like it would be the perfect pratice - and I´m sure it was, though I was totally amazed by the fact that the first two kriyas were just impossible - I couldnt co ordinate the breath, mudra and movement at all- i paused the video and quietly tried them seperately -yes the breath fine, yes the movement fine - but just couldnt get them together - the effort actually made me laugh out loud - I could not for the lfe of me breath in with the o!! Then in the third kriya - oh my goodness, I managed to keep going but the burn in arms and back of neck was INTENSE!  Savasannah was fab tho! haha - thank you! 
I guess I will give it another go maybe tomorrow. I do have the sensation of being slightly less agitated - but as I didnt understand where the agitation  had come from in the first place, it´s all a bit weird - in a good way!
Have a wonderful day
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Michelle F hello! Thanks for this share. Consider it a blessing and an invitation to not know where from the feelings of agitation came from. Often times our minds like to take hold of sensations & emotions and analyze them instead of just let them pass. This why we hold and carry so much tension and trauma in our bodies because we try to rationalize it in our mind instead of allowing  it release and pass. I’m happy to hear the agitation was lifted. These “coordination” type kriyas where your being asked to employ multi rhythmic movements can be disorienting. The process helps educate the nervous system and cultivate deeper awareness, stability and focus. It is a good idea to try it a few more times and you will find during the process your ability to focus and manage all the coordination improves 🙏
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Thank you for your thoughtful response Kara. Yes to all of it haha! I´ve been really enjoying just practising the o in breath, out through the nose -it´s so cooling and refreshing! Im doing it slowly as I walk.I look forward to trying the whole set out again - it´s fascinating to observe the subtle differences from day to day, isnt it!
Have a wonderful weekend
Michelle F I look forward to hearing how you feel with the Kriya in your next approach to it! I appreciate your curiosity and willingness to explore this work even when it hits up against some limitations for you. 
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Well now Kara - today was totally different!
The first kriya, I just slowed it right down and felt smooth and coordinated - the second, although I seemed to keep up with the breathing, I couldn´t feel any movement in the belly -no pumping in and out as with breath of fire normally- though I just decided to trust the process and enjoy the sound ! The third part, which seemed so interminable the first time  was smooth and freeing and tho challenging to keep up the arm position, so much more relaxed than first time. Savasannah was simply wonderful - and I actually feel in the mood to stay on the mat and do some yingy type postures - so that´s what Im going to do! 
Look forward to third run through of this practice - thank you!
Have a wonderful day!
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Michelle F omg how wonderful! I’m so happy you are keeping an experimental perspective with all of this work. That willingness to revisit that which was challenging for you will open up a great deal of awareness and personal growth for you 🙏
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