Kundalini Rising Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 4

Glandular Activation

30 min - Practice


This cerebral refresh class activates the glands in the brain and resets it’s neuro-chemical balance. Our kriya set stimulates the electromagnetic field around the heart and the brain, and activates the 6th & 7th chakras and the third eye to create optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony. You will feel renewed, youthful, and energized.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Wonderful medicine as always, and I loved the old-school the “Jane Fonda” kicks (as I call them) 😍
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Thank you for this wonderful kriya to improve our inner harmony and energy field! So powerful. 
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Jenny S haha! Yes Jane Fonda was light years ahead of us 💕. Glad you got a “kick” out of it! 
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Diane C hello! The shifts happen fast in these concentrated sets - happy you felt it
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Where can I find information about eponic energy? I'm not finding much in searches
Nanci S thanks for that question. Save me some time
Kara: call me less skeptical, as I was about to write I didn't feel a mood change, but writing harmonizes well with that Savasna and sound bath. I was really down 30 minutes ago, but maybe staring at my goofy smiles helps? Seriously, I felt the energy field around me. That's neat. Also, the final chant picked me up. I love that melody. Reminds me of Tibetan sounds I had on a guided meditation recording years ago. You should start a Forum channel on the science of Kundalini. I am fascinated. Hope you have a great weekend. 
Nanci S & David G- I’m not sure what Nancy Means by “Eponic Energy”.. is it something I mentioned in class that perhaps you mis-heard the word as “Eponic”? 
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David G- hey friend! Thanks for that insightful feedback. The practice has a way of sneaking up on you and surprising you with its magic! 
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David G- and Nanci S  it just occurred to me, you must be referring to 
: Apanic energy. Also known as Apana… it is the elimination energy in the body. Pranic energy comes in, apanic energy allows out 🙏

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