Yoga for Back Pain Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Upper Back

30 min - Practice


Cultivate a sense of mobility, strength, and comfort in your upper back. We move through accessible functional movements and yoga poses before softening into a guided body scan in Savasana. You will feel a sense of expansion and quiet.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block


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It’s always such a delight to greet a a practitioner who is new to Yoga Anytime! I loved this practice…not only did it warm and soften my tight upper back and shoulders, it felt like a very nourishing full-body practice as well. Honestly, this even took care of some odd digestive issues I was having today ☺️. I would recommend this as a great “tool kit” practice, and I’m looking forward to the rest of this season! 🙏🏻❤️🙌
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I had a serious spinal injury a few years ago and my PT started me on yoga for rehab. These classes are a perfect addition to what I have been doing. Thank you!!
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This was perfect, just what it said it would do.  Thank you
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Wonderful! Really helped my husband who had a lot of shoulder pain and tightness. So grateful!
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Kismet! I needed this. Love those shoulder openings and I reached higher in bridge than ever before because of all the back work. Dealing with some shoulder issues on the bike. Will try some of these at stops signs.   Namaste 
Wonderful and calming practice! Thanks, Hattie! Namaste! 🌞🌼🌹💖
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So many great ideas to play with here! It felt great. Thanks, Hattie!
My upper back is also very stiff and this practice was just what I needed.  Thank you, Hattie!
Ahhhh... such a nice counterpose to breastfeeding. Thank you, Hattie! xoA
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Just what the doctor ordered!  What a relief for my sore shoulders!  Wonderful! 
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