Yoga for Vitality Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Crow Flow

30 min - Practice


Step by step, breath by breath, we move together towards Crow Pose, finding strength in our core, legs, and hips along the journey to this arm balance. You will feel strong and vibrant.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)


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Patti: The first part was so relaxing that I able to relaxed for the peak pose; crow scares me. I tried to do it too early in my journey and fell on my chest. Me no likey.   I didn't get both feet off the ground, but I was close and relaxed and listened to the type of thinking I need to have to be successful. My thoughts did race, but you dropped us all into a deep peace by the end. I am the first to comment, but I assume others will also feel that comforting Savasana. Thanks for being part of my journey. Best, David 
Hi, Patti! I've tried to do a crow pose with a block but couldn't do it and then I've tried to do it without the block and I've succeeded to hold that pose for a few seconds! I am so proud of myself! Thanks for this great practice! Namaste! ❤️😄🌼🌞
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Sandra: that's awesome! Congrats. Very jealous! 
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Nice flow. The timing of the crow was perfect! The block helps to get confidence and with placing the gaze forward. Thank you!
David G, don't worry- ability to do crow pose will come with time. I was also affraid of falling when I started to do crow but then it came to my mind that I could put a big pillow in front od me so that nothing happens to me in case of falling down and then I could do the pose. Good luck! I wish you a lot of success on your yoga path! Kind regards! 
David G- I am so glad you were open on the journey to crow.  I think your presence on the journey and awareness of how your mind was racing are Yoga.  Moving towards the peak pose and maybe or maybe not doing it is great work.  Thanks for taking the class and I am so glad you had a good savasana!!! That is EVERYTHING.
Sandra Židan Yes!! Try without or with the block, one foot off or both feet on the floor.  You got into it!! I am proud of you too, well done! 
Lina S You are so welcome Lina!  I am glad the block helped with the gaze and that you enjoyed the flow into crow!
David G-   Exactly as Sandra said, a big pillow or bolster in front of you can give confidence that if you happen to fall it will be a soft landing.  And take your time, steady your breath, step by step and a sense of humor!
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Patti: Thanks. I have used a pillow. Part of the problem is that my triceps are sore from cycling and that I have crashed so many times on a bike. All in good time. However, I am curious about your virtual live classes. Is it Zoom? Was going to drop in on Saturday for a good post-ride yoga recovery. Would be awesome if others loving this season connected in real time. 
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