The 7-Day Handstand Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Day 1: Finding Your Handstand

25 min - Practice


There are many varieties of Handstands, and many ways to get into them. Day 1 of our challenge is about finding which one fits your body. Allison introduces us to Handstand alignment in standing, supine, and prone positions on our mat with the help of our props. We then take that alignment (and our props!) to the wall for our first Handstand exploration in this challenge. Take your time and find the variation that works for you, and revisit the options in this class as you get comfortable with being upside down. You will feel empowered and excited for what's ahead.
What You'll Need: Mat, Chair, Wall, Block (2)


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This was so much fun! The progressive approach to handstand really works!! I actually got more time balancing in handstand than usual!!! Thank you Allison!
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Kate M that’s awesome. I’m so glad you enjoyed the approach and got some extra hang time. I’m excited to see what you discover next in this challenge! 
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Allison your classes are always so much fun, as well as informative and this was no exception.  I love handstands, but as I get older I love them more against a wall lol.   It's very cool to incorporate all your creative prop cues in my practice.  Keeps things fresh!
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Jenny S Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad my teaching resonates with you. Handstands are fun and the wall is a wonderful option! I'm glad the props and keeping your practice fresh and new : )
Hi Allison, thank you, I just have a question, do I keep practicing day 1 until I can do each of these (couldn’t do the prone version or against a wall) or do I keep moving through the challenge?
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Chars Cowling hi!! What a great question.  Yes, you can keep moving through the challenge without doing everything from day 1. Day 1 is your baseline. It gives you options - so let’s say I’m teaching handstand against the wall and that’s not accessible to you, you can practice any of the variations you did on day 1 instead and implement whatever the main theme of the day you are practicing. You can also use day 1 to come back to at the end of the challenge and see if anything has changed. The BEST part (in my opinion) is that you can work at your own pace, if you want to keep coming back to a day, do it! Don’t like another day, practice one you do! You can come back to these practices as often as you’d like.  Can’t wait to hear more about your explorations and have fun on day 2!
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This was great! Thank you. I'm tired! Looking forward to day 2 :).

Thank you Allison that is very helpful advice.
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Shawn So glad you enjoyed it. Love to know how it goes for day 2. Enjoy!
Chars Cowling You are most welcome : )
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