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In Season 2, Rosemary shares Ashtanga and Vinyasa style practices that will energize, challenge, and inspire you. She guides a full Ashtanga Primary Series, a shorter modified practice, three instructional practices that break down postures within the Primary Series, pranayama, and two juicy vinyasa practices that will get you flowing.
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Mar 02, 2015
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(waves crashing) So hello, my name is Rosemary Garrison, if we haven't met. I just wanna say a little bit about the body of classes that I'm offering here. So, my roots are in Ashtanga with my beloved teacher Tim Miller. And I spent years and years practicing in that tradition. And then due to many, many different reasons, I started exploring Vinyasa.

And I currently practice and teach both. (laughs) Which is actually really exciting and really fulfilling for me. So what we're offering here is a combination of the two. There'll be a full primary series practice, which is really juicy and deep and long. (laughs) So if you have the time and the space and you're up for the full primary series, its a really, really wonderful way to work with the whole body of poses and the full traditional practice if you can't necessarily get to a studio.

Also included in this is little snippets of instructional videos around some of the more challenging aspects within the primary series. So if you're up against a pose and feeling really kind of confused and struggling, then you can watch those individual segments and hopefully they'll help you break down those poses and feel a little less overwhelmed or intimidated. Also included is a modified primary series, because of course, it's really intense to do the entire practice. So if there are days when you just don't have the time, you don't have the energy, you can go to the modified primary series, about an hour or so, as opposed to a full hour and a half or even longer for the full primary. And just do what you can.

And I really love the idea of over time, once you're really familiar with the full primary, you can drop into your own body on any given day and say, well, I really need to work with this body of poses but I can let these go, depending on time and energy. So the modified practice kinda gives you a template for how to do that. And then, other end of the spectrum, we're working with a couple really fun, I hope juicy, flow classes. One is focused around the hips, and should be some hip strengthening and definitely some nice, deep hip opening. And the other is one of my personal favorites, a lot of back bending and a lot of heart opening.

So, you can just tune in to your own body, your own energy. Depending on what you need, you can select from all of them. The heart opening is gonna be really invigorating, hopefully empowering, and heart opening. I find the deep back bending can be really deeply energizing. So if you're feeling a hunger for a little more enthusiasm, a little bit more energy in your day, that might be a really good choice.

Or, if you've been sitting for a really long time, if you're feeling stagnation through the legs and the hips, then the hip focus would be a really beautiful choice. So, totally up to you, totally up to your body. Whatever serves you, whatever feels good on any given day. The one last place, unrelated to the asana, is a brief pranayama instructional. I love, love, love, love, love working with pranayama and I wanted to offer this on the days in which maybe you're not up for an asana practice.

Maybe you need a little bit more still, grounding, introspective energy. You can tune into the pranayama work, choose from three different variations, depending on what you need energetically. And then work with it in your own time. There is some guidance in that video, so we can work with it together. But once you learn the foundation, you can absolutely take it out on your own and do two minutes, or 20 minutes, or whatever you feel you need.

So, I hope that's clear and I hope you enjoy the practices. Thank you so much for joining me and namaste.


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