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Season 1 - Episode 7

Get on the Magic Carpet

10 min - Practice


Any time he's feeling cranky or stiff, with stuck energy or too much in his head, Robert gets on his "magic carpet" (his yoga mat) and moves his body to feel better. This sequence moves through accessible stretches and just enough flow to help you feel warm, open, and reinvigorated.
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Hey there. Welcome to Yoga Anytime. I'm Robert. Let's feel better. What do I do to feel better? Like if I'm feeling grumpy or low energy or my body just feels kind of cranky and stiff? This is what I do. Child's pose. Guaranteed child's pose multiple times a day. So of course I take some deep breaths and I start to feel out the child's pose, send the seat back. Sometimes the knees aren't so friendly. So I've got to be mindful of that. That might be the same for you. But for me, it's movement, you know, as soon as I start to get into my body, I just start to feel like yes, this makes me feel better. So child's pose, come forward into it like a lazy up dog. You might feel your hips in the front side open up. A little gentle compression in the low back. Lower down. Scorpion left arm out to the side.

Push gently onto your left side with your right foot behind your left leg. You can also straighten the right leg and really reach long back behind you. You can reach up overhead. A lot of ways to do this. And then try the other side. So stretch the right arm out. Left leg back behind you. Again, you can straighten it if you'd like and get more like length and extension or keep it back. Good. Back to center. Lift up through Cobra all the way back through child's pose. Good table. Step the right foot almost up to the right hand, almost like three quarters up. Curl the back toes, lift the left knee. And then we get into a lizard runner's lunge. So yeah, it's like my energy might be a little stagnant or stuck. I might be in my head thinking too much. Get out the magic carpet, move the body and it's like immediate perspective on like, Oh, okay, everything's gonna be all right. I mean that too. It just does that for me. Downward dog. Lift the right leg up, open the hip. Gotta throw the down dog in right? And then lift that leg up. Perfect. Right foot back down, step the left foot up. It's almost all the way up there. Turn the left foot open then drop that right hip. Good. So it's a lizard runner's lunge side bend. Okay. Downward dog with that left leg up hip open. Downward dog, both feet down. Good. Bring the knees down. Camel reaches right my favorite left arm up right hand grabs hold of that right heel. This to me just feels right switch side to side. There's this like uplifting like strength generating through the midsection and lower body. My heart is opening just moves things. That's what I need.

I need movement. So when you reach up, you might turn a little bit and get back. Good back into your tabletop. Downward dog. Lift the right leg up, open that hip again. Maybe even step that left foot or right foot back behind you. Straighten out the left leg, bend the right leg and then press up. Reach the right arm up and back. So a little bit of heat, right? A little bit of flow going is helpful. Now back over to the three legged dog with that right leg up. Now send the right knee to the right elbow and then over all the way out to the left side as you pin the left heel down. Drop the seat for a moment. Push through the left foot, lift the hips up and a little reverse rock star something can't keep up with all the names. Just do the move. Good lower down. Sorry, my back is to you. A little hurdler stretch. Take that left leg, bend it. Left foot towards your seat. Fold over that right leg. Good. Back up. So exit, right? So left foot planted. Hips up. Lift the right leg. Pivot back to table. Downward dog. Left leg up. Flip dog. Straighten that right leg out and drive the hips up. Reach the left arm up and back. Lower the hips back into that three legged dog. Left knee, left elbow. Pin the right heel down. Shoot that left leg out. Drop the hips. Bend the right leg. Fold. Come back up. Press that right foot down. Press into that like rock star type posture and then lift the left leg. Boom. Left knee in. Pivot back into that table top. Downward dog. Good. Child's pose. Pretty feeling better.

Puppy pose. Hips stay up over the knees. Walk the arms forward. Then I like to bring the palms together behind my head. Chest drops down toward the ground. Good. Now I'm going to face you. Okay. Arms out in front. Pivot hips to the left. Knees to the left like a windshield. Fold over that left thigh. Press back up. Pivot the knees to the other side. Press back up. We'll add on to that. This one here. You're welcome in advance. Fold over. Stretch that right leg back as far as it will go. Stay heavy on that left side. Now use your left hand to kind of like ground you. Now reach. You're welcome. Reach. Just keeping it real here. Feeling good. Combining it all. Reach long through that right hand and through that right foot. Full extension on the right side. Deep stretch on the left. Good. Let's see what it feels like on the other side. We just kind of pivot through the hips, which isn't that easy. It takes a little bit of practice. Fold. Right hand for support. Left leg extends back. Reach through the left arm. Ground that right elbow and then where can you get more stretch, more length. Good. Back to center. Pivot back to table. And I would typically close with child's pose for a few breaths and some kind of real genuine positive reminder. It's going to be a beautiful day. It's going to be a beautiful day. And one of the quotes from Charles Bukowski, one line, this is your life. Know it while you have it. And that's what I want to do. And I want to feel better. There we go. I hope you're feeling better. I definitely feel better. Thank you. Namaste. Peace. Love all those things.


Fabian H
3 people like this.
Thank you:))
Eric M
6 people like this.
…and the day is better already… love the Bukowski quote too.
Jenny S
5 people like this.
I’m loving these short little yoga bites! A lot can happen in 10 minutes of yoga and this class was no exception.  I’m often crunched for time and it’s so helpful to have this resource to glean the benefits of yoga rather than doing without due to lack of time.  Thanks Robert and YA! 🙏🏻
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just perfect! :)
Lina S
2 people like this.
Perfect way to end the day too! Amazing how we can modify the way we feel and think in a short amount of time. Thank you for this mini class!
Sandra Židan
I feel much better after this practice! Thanks, Robert! Namaste! ☀️
Matilda P
2 people like this.
Yummy as always. 
Thank you
Kate M
1 person likes this.
The magic carpet ride was uplifting and energizing! Thanks for this, Robert : )
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What a great morning practice, and a little spice to assist! Thank you Robert!
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liked the practice again this morning - even better after some repetition! thanks :)
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