Enliven Your Senses: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Day 6: Seat of Intuition

30 min - Practice


On Day 6 of our journey, tune into your inner wisdom, your 6th sense, and connect with a higher consciousness in this mindful practice focused around the Third Eye chakra. We explore emphasizing the seat of inner knowing in poses like Eagle, Dolphin, and Dancing Camel, before settling into cooling forward folds. We close in a meditation to quiet external noise and listen inward. You will feel more in touch with your intuition.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Welcome back. Now that we have explored all of the 5 physical senses, let's move beyond that into the seat of the intuition. So this practice will all be about tapping into that deeper well of knowing our intuition, the 3rd eye, that seat of the intuition. And we'll look at postures that kind of bring us to that space of inner knowing. So let's begin with the pose of the beginner, child's pose. So as you come toward child's pose, you're welcome to bring knees together or maybe a slight separation in the knees.

And then start to let the hip sink back to your heels as you walk your hands in front of you. And then if it's accessible to you, maybe the 3rd eye rests on the earth You might be stacking your hands and resting the third eye on top of your hands. See if you can allow that space between the eyebrows to rest on something. And then turning into that third eye, that seat of the intuition, maybe close your eyes. Take a moment to breathe in as you, like, feel the expansion in the back of the body.

And breathe out as you allow yourself to ground just a little bit more. And then tuning into that voice within that deeper knowing. What might come up for you here? And if nothing, no worries, just kinda noticing. What does it mean to listen deep within that inner well that voice that's always kind of speaking to us, whether it's a whisper and sometimes scream until we listen perhaps set an intention.

To listening, to listening in word. We'll continue to tap into that place as we move into our practice today. Would feel good to stay here for an hour. Go for it. Otherwise, meet me in tabletop. And then right away, we'll tuck our toes and come into downward facing dog and taking that movement as you land in down dog, pedal it out.

Notice how you're feeling today. For me, down dog is right away. Attuning into the physical body, noticing where I might be holding tension, what sensation may arrive, keeping that awareness to the physical senses that we've been working with becoming aware of sounds, smells, tastes, what you're hearing, what you're seeing, And then honing the senses as you start to bring that awareness to the internal space. Let's come forward into plank pose, inhale, slow, lower all the way to the belly. Welcome to lower the knees. Hug the elbows in as you lower down.

Good. And as you release down to the earth, take the fingertips on either side of your mat tint the fingertips, let the elbows point up toward the sky, and then pressing into the top of the feet start to peel the chest up any amount as you come into this wide arm co repose. Beautiful. And then let the right shoulder melt toward the center of the mat and take a gaze over the left shoulder. And then as you inhale peel the chest up, come back through center, exhale, left shoulder melts, take a gaze over the right shoulder. Let's do that a couple more times. Inhale back through center.

Allow the exhale to bring the right shoulder toward the center of the mat. Gazing left, inhale center, gaze right, left shoulder melts, One more inhale, peel the chest up, feel that opening in the heart space, exhale, right shoulder, melts, gaze, left, Inhale center. Exhale left gaze right. Beautiful. As you come back through center, take one more big full breath in. And then as you exhale release bringing hands next to side ribs, touch the forehead down to the earth third eye rests.

And then pressing back through plank pose or hands and knees will meet back in downward. Facing dog. Good. Allowing a big breath in here and a long full release breath out. Gotta reach the right leg all the way up and back. Take a moment to bend the right knee open up through the right hip.

And then straightening out through the right leg, draw the knee in towards your nose, hover top of a push up, maybe draw that knee up toward the third eye. Inhale three legged dog sweep the leg up and back. Good knee to nose or third eye hover. In the health, three legged dog. This time as you draw the knee in toward the third eye, we'll take a step through between the hands.

Setting up for low lunge, let your left knee come down toward the earth. And as we come up into on Janie Asana, we'll take eagle arms with the left arm under the right. So you could bring the back of the hands together, maybe palms together. Start by drawing the elbows up and away from you. And then maybe that left thumb comes toward the third eye or either thumb.

Maybe close your eyes. Again, just tuning the attention toward your intuition. Voice within. K. Releasing hands on either side of the front foot take a big full breath in, exhale shift weight back, half split hamstring stretch, And then we'll move in and out of those two shapes a couple times. So as you inhale, rebend the right knee, low lunge, you could keep the fingertips down. And then exhale shift back.

One more inhale, rebound right knee, exhale shift back. Good. As you re bend through the right knee, step back downward facing dog, plank inhale, Slow lower to the belly exhale. Take the fingertips on either side of the mat. Elbows point up. This one time peel, the chest up cobra.

Exhale, replace the hands next to the side ribs, come back downward facing dog. Beautiful sweeping left leg up as you're ready. Bend knee open hip just for a breath or 2 here. Feel that opening. And then straighten out through the left knee to nose, hover. Maybe draw that left knee toward the third eye.

And then inhale, sweep the leg up and back. Exhale, draw knee in, hover, inhale, up and back. Knee toward the third eye, stepping all the way through this time. Let your right knee come down. This time, right arm under left.

Wrap it up. Draw the elbows up and away for eagle arms. And then maybe drawing hands toward the third eye. Resting that seat, breathing, maybe close the eyes, going inward. Find your breath.

That link between our senses, the external and the internal space. And then releasing hands on either side of the front foot shift back, half split,arta, Hanamanasana. And then moving between those two shapes a couple times, inhale, rebend the left knee. Exhale, shift back hamstring stretch. One more. Inhale brings us forward.

Rebend. And then the exhale brings us back. Hamstring stretch. Gonna re bend through the left knee, step back downward facing dog. Left foot meets the right.

Inhale plank, exhale slowly lower, hands wide, elbows point up, press and peel the chest up. Exhale, come on back down, hands next to the side ribs, moving up through plank or hands and knees landing in downward facing dog. A big full breath in. And long full breath out to release. Good. And let's walk the feet up toward the front of the mat.

Finding a forward fold, letting everything melt down. Crown of the head melt as you shift a little weight toward the balls of your feet. Maybe sway a little side to side or shake your head. Yes. And no. Sometimes as we move into our practice, we need to release what we're holding to create that space to be able to hear that inner voice.

So what might be standing in the way here of getting quiet of listening, of allowing Let that go into the earth right here. Take your time to roll up. We'll take a moment to reach the arms up, catch your left wrist as you do that tilt to the right, really grounding through the left foot. Good. As you inhale come through center, we'll hold the right wrist, tilt to the left's easy side body stretch. Good. And as you come through center, draw hands together in prayer, touch your thumbs to your third eye.

And then draw your hands to your heart center. Take a moment to pause and breathe, feel your heartbeat, your intention. What would it mean to listen to your intuition? And let's move toward eagle pose. So we'll start by bringing the weight toward the right leg. You can pick up your left leg.

Either kicks standing it across the right or wrapping it, maybe floating the left leg up or taking it behind the right calf. And then the arms right arm under our excuse me, left arm underneath the right, eagle arms. You can draw the elbows up and away as you do that squeezey inner thighs together, sink and bend the knees, find your drishti, And then as you unravel, you can draw that left knee in, float the arms back coming into floating warrior 3 just briefly. And then let the left toes find the back of the mat sweep the arms up crescent pose. From crescent, open up to warrior 2, face the side of the mat. Take a moment to sink in.

Good. And then we'll flip the front pump to tilt back reverse warrior. Big breath in. Exhale circle hands to the earth, step back, plank pose, this time lower halfway or all the way down Chaturanga. Could stay with that wide arm cobra, maybe updog, exhale meeting back, in downward facing dog, allowing a big breath in, in a long, slow breath out. Good. And let's slowly again, just walk the feet to the front of the mat. Feel the earth beneath you as you take a slow walk forward.

Find that forward fold. Maybe you're sliding the palms of the hands under the soles of the feet, giving the wrists a little love let the crown of the head melt down. Pada hastasana. Feel free to keep a bend in your knees. And in our yoga practice, that listening inward to what our body needs, in any given moment.

Every time we show up to our mat, it's gonna feel a little bit differently. Meeting yourself where you are. Good. Slowly release. Roll up. Come to stand. Maybe take some roles with your shoulders in either direction.

You know, set up for eagle on the second side, letting the left foot get heavy, pick up the right leg, cross it on top of the left. This time right arm sweeps under the left, find eagle arms, draw elbows away, find that gazing point. You're Drish Dee. Find your breath. Sing in. Spine long.

Good. And then as you unravel, draw the right knee in toward the chest. Wobbling and then find your way into just a hovering warrior 3 sweeping the right leg back. Arms can go back. And then as slowly as you can, right toes. Find the back of the match. Briefly finding crescent pose.

Big breath in. Good. As you exhale, open up warrior 2, face the side of your mat. You might need to adjust your stance a little bit. Find your warrior 2, my gazing point over the left hand, soften shoulders. Relax your jaw, maybe smile, sinking.

Yeah. And then letting the left palm face up toward the sky tilt back, reverse warrior, exhale, circle hands down, step back plank pose. Lower halfway or all the way down. Maybe arms go wide for that wide cobra. Maybe you're taking up dog. Beautiful. And then meet me in downward facing dog.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Lower the knees to the earth, coming back toward tabletop, and then lower your forearms down to the earth. Welcome to interlace fingers or press the palms of your hands down into the earth. We'll set up for dolphin pose.

So as you're ready, tuck the toes. Lift the hips. And then any amount, you can tiptoe your feet in towards you. Keep hugging the elbows in. Let your sitting bones reach up toward the sky. Feel that opening in the back of your legs.

Find your breath. It's getting upside down, shifting our perspective. A couple more full deep breaths here. What do you see here when you go upside down? So we shift our gaze.

Good. And then walk your feet back for forearm plank. Can, again, keep that interlace or shoulders right over the elbows. Find length here as you reach through the crown of the head. Back through the heels, big breath in, and then hips lower for sphinx pose. As you come into sphinx, I like to walk the elbows forward a little. So they're just slightly in front of the shoulders.

And then can you engage through the fingertips? Is you reach the heart forward. Lift the gaze pressing into the top of the feet. Stay here or press into the palms of the hands in any amount you could start to lift up through the elbows, but lower the elbows down, swivel the elbows out, stack your hands, And hello. Rest.

Give your third eye. Rest on top of your hands, stacking here. I'll let your bones get heavy. Feel the support beneath you. You might sway your hip side to side.

What might you need to release here to the support of the earth, the land? What might be clouding that intuition. So often we can get caught in our thoughts, in our head when we know, when we listen, not always easy to that voice within. We already know what's true. And from here, reach your right arm out to the right palm down.

Tent your left fingertips on the outside of your left shoulder, and then spin to the right hip. Bend your left knee and step the toes behind you. Take a nice shoulder stretch here. Nice twist. Can let the right side of the face melt down feels supported. Find the breath. Beautiful. And then as you slowly come back onto the belly, unravel, reach your left arm out to the left, palm down, tent the right fingertips, Roll to the left hip, left side of the face melts down, then the right knee step the toes behind you.

And breathe. Notice how this side feels. And as the thoughts arise, which they always will, maybe you could notice them today. Be one step removed to witness them. Let them pass.

Coming back to your breath, sensation in the body. Justice breath. Nice. And then slowly come back to your belly. We'll bring the hands next to the side ribs. Press through hands and knees.

Stake a brief child's pose opening through the low back. Again, maybe that third eye finds the earth. You rock your head side to side to massage the forehead. Again, feel free to stay right here or meet me to stand up on the knees moving into camel pose variation can tuck your toes. Maybe bring your left hand to your left ankle. Sweep the right arm up and over the ear, gaze up toward the right fingertips.

Nice. And then as you exhale, let the hips sink down, we'll take the right hand to the right ankle sweep the left arm in front of your face, gaze up, left fingertips. And then just taking that side to side a few times, inhale lifting up, left side, exhale lower, inhale opposite side. You could take your gaze with your fingertips as you move from side to side. I get a few more rounds at your own pace. Good. Let me take one more here in the howling and exhale.

Inhale. Good. As you exhale, just taking a moment, sit back on your heels, maybe one hand to heart, one hand to belly, or maybe prayer in front of third eye, close your eyes, pressing your thumbs gently into that space between the eyebrows. Good. And then taking your time as we come back into down dog walking your hands forward, tuck the toes, lift the hips all the way up and back. Beautiful. From here, we'll find seated position at the front of the mat, maybe hopping the feet forward or just simply walking forward. And coming into Janu Shorsasana.

So bringing the left foot to the inner upper right thigh, stretch your right leg straight in front of you, flexing through the right foot, sit up tall, and the sitting bones may be wiggle in a little bit. And then reaching the arms up, feel that length, And with the length in the spine folding forward, letting the torso drape over that front leg, letting your hands fall wherever they fall. Gazing wherever you gaze. I'm turning that gaze inward. Honing the external physical senses inward.

Feeling the breath as it moves through the body. Blood as it moves through the reins. Beautiful. Let your next inhale guide you back up take a moment and then sweep sides, left leg, long, right foot, inner upper, left thigh, sit up tall on your sitting bones as you inhale sweep the arms up and then exhale. Fold over that front leg, letting hands fall wherever they fall, resting the gaze and breathing. A few more breaths here.

And as you inhale slowly come up, we'll bring the soles of the feet to the earth, bend the knees, reach the arms forward, and the slow count of 5. You might dig the heels into the earth. Let's slowly lower for 5. 4. 3, 2, and 1, releasing the shoulders down gather your knees into your chest rocking a little side to side massage through the low back.

Notice how that feels letting the 3rd eye reach straight up toward the sky coming into bridge. Let the soles of the feet come down. And brushing the back of the heels with the fingertips and then scoot the shoulders underneath you as you lift up through the hips. Pressing through the soles of the feet lifting from the hamstrings. And you might catch an interlace behind the back or press the palms of the hands down.

Just feeling that nice opening in the front line of the body. A hold for 5. 4, 3, to slowly lower on one cross your right knee on top of the left, eagle legs, Cactus your arms on either side of the body. And you can slowly let your knees drop to the left. Engazing over the right shoulder, eagle twist.

Beautiful. Slowly unravel. Step the right foot down. Cross your left knee on top of the right knee. Dropping both knees to the right this time.

You can take a gaze over the left. To breathe. Good. Coming back through center unravel. Welcome to stretch the legs out long here for Shivan. And or maybe you'd like to join me seated in a meditation to conclude our practice.

I find one of the best ways to tune out the noise that can come from the external and to really be able to listen internally is through meditation. So let's just take a couple minutes to listen to inward and to turn our gaze inward and just to notice without judgment. Meditation is not this magical thing where you sit and everything else disappears. It takes a lot to get there. But it is this place where we can start to observe.

So maybe you close your eyes. Tuning your gaze to the internal space, letting the breath bring you there. Let me just see invitation to listen. And as the thoughts arise, which the nature of our mind is to think Notice. Come the witness, the observer.

And let them float by anchoring back to your breath. Sensation. Breath. Wide open awareness. Witness.

Noticing sounds, sensations, tastes, Stay here as long as you like, or you can gently blink your eyes open. Again, just drawing that prayer in front of the 3rd eye. Thank you so much for sharing these is with me, the light and divine and me greets and honors, the light and the divine, and you. Thank you.


Jenny S
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I loved the dream-like quality of this practice.  The slow and steady pace and the juxtaposition of strength and ease.  Just beautiful…🌜✨🌛
Catherine A
Absolutely delicious, Sarah 💖😍
Francesca Venturini
Sarah, it was sublime for me. I find myself in a state of peace and fullness, a place I would like anyone could feel. So grateful for that!!
Kate M
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gently introspective... thank you, Sarah.
Rachel S
1 person likes this.
This one was my favorite in the series so far. Just yummy. Thank you!
Ruth V
1 person likes this.
very peaceful practice
Glenford N
1 person likes this.
Thanks Sarah for helping me to spend time listening and being held by my inner voice. It was a beautiful, limitless space. Namaste.
Sandra Židan
Beautiful practice! Thanks, Sarah! Namaste! 🥰❤️💖
Sarah Beston
Thank you so much for sharing, Jenny S! I’m so happy to be practicing with you and sharing these experiences with you here. 🌙
Sarah Beston
What a great word, Catherine A! I hope your new year is off to a beautiful beginning. ✨
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