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Season 1 - Episode 10

Eat, Move, Love

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When she's not exercising or cooking for her loved ones, dance parties and quality time with her daughter, Remi, are among Maria's go-to ways to lift up her spirits.
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Jul 07, 2023
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When I want to feel better, one of the first things I do is exercise or go out in nature, run on the beach. I will do my yoga practice or go to an exercise class. I also love cooking, cooking for myself or my daughter or friends. It really just makes me feel like that community sense, like I'm not apart from people and also like I'm nurturing myself. So Remi and I, she obviously always makes me feel, well almost always makes me feel better.

Sometimes she drives me a little nutty, but that's what she's designed to do. But she and I will have dance parties. That's one of the more fun things we do, we'll do tea parties, we'll go on play dates. I love to take care of the beach. The more I interact with her and really can get myself present to her and take care of her needs and prioritize those above my own, that always makes me feel better.


Kate M
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How very, very sweet. Thank you for sharing a little bit about the magical wonder (and challenge!) of being a mother, Maria. I'm looking forward to exploring your offerings here on YA. Love, love.
Maria Villella
Kate M enjoy!!!  It’s such a blessing to be a parent. 
Kate M
It certainly is!  
: )

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