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Maria Villella

Maria Villella

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We love Maria's sincerity, depth, and natural inner beauty. Maria has been a leading voice in the world of yoga for over a decade. A dedicated Ashtanga practitioner, Maria led the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore program at Yoga Works, Santa Monica, from 2009-2015, sharing the gifts of yoga with wholehearted integrity. She has been featured in several publications such as Yoga Journal, LA Yoga, and Yogic Life.

Maria is a specialist working primarily with women, supporting them through various stages of life to find their own balance and health. Maria's work focuses on hormonal health — working closely with patients hoping to conceive with or without IVF, pregnant and postpartum women, and menopausal women. Internal health is reflected in the skin, and Maria takes a holistic approach to antiaging, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, micro-needling, nano needling, facial gua sha or cupping, and homeopathic injectables to help clients maintain a youthful appearance, age gracefully, and reflect true health and beauty. She also works with children and also enjoys working with patients to resolve or manage acute and chronic illnesses.

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