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Season 1 - Episode 14

Lara's Perfect Day

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A walk or hike with her dog Jackson always helps Lara feel better, as does getting on her mat for a restorative or meditation practice. Lara's perfect day would be a tropical island vacation, enjoying nourishing food, accompanied by loved ones.
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Sep 15, 2023
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Yoga is always one of my go to movement practices. I really do love and enjoy the restorative practice was which isn't much movement. More of that stillness. So restorative yoga and meditation feel really good to me when I need that boost. I also love walking.

I have a very cute dog named Jackson walking on the strand near the beach or going on a little hike, and he's just my little buddy to get outside and get moving. And I always feel better after I do that. My perfect day would be somewhere on vacation on a tropical island, having a really nourishing breakfast, fresh local food, and then being able to spend time in nature and spend time with people that I really love and care about. And I feel like would make my perfect day.


Kate M
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This is very sweet, Lara! : )
Jenny S
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Sounds perfect to me as well…also your little doggie is SO sweet 🐾
Lara E
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Jenny S Kate M Thank you for listening and hope you have a perfect day :)

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