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Season 1 - Episode 2

Aligned with Wisdom

10 min - Practice


In this short seated meditation, Bex introduces us to Hakini Mudra and guides our attention inward to our breath. She seeks to widen our connection with the universal wisdom and guides us into a space where we might find ourselves feeling brighter and more magnificent. You will feel the immediate benefits of slowing down.
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Welcome. I'm Bex, and this will be a seated meditation practice. If sitting on a pranayama cushion or the floor isn't comfortable, grab a chair, and find comfort. We'll begin by taking the mudra that I call the brain mudra, where all of your fingertips will come together. It's also called hakimi.

You'll rest your mudra in your lap, noting that the fingertips touching represent the looping of the right and the left side of the brain. And then you'll close your eyes. As your eyes close and you seal the lids, you'll open your inner gaze and your landscape. Then you'll deepen your breath. So you allow the breath to just arrive, and as you begin to settle and Earth your pelvis, you'll get a little bit more upright through your spine.

That verticality will align you with your individual intelligence. So you just steep in your breath for a few moments, noting the way you're allowing yourself to feel the length. And then you widen the collarbones. So as the collarbones begin to widen more horizontal, you'll tap into that universal wisdom. And through the breath, you'll continue to allow yourself to drop into this moment.

So you may even note the way that the brain softens from the skull, and you tune into your natural frequency, that channel within that has less static. And then each time you deepen, you'll also allow yourself to soften. Some places it feels like it's hardening, it's overworking, or it's just plain tension. So you'll layer, on top of the breath, comfort. With a grounded sense, you'll feel that inner space where you reclaim your bright, authentic light.

And if your thoughts seem to continue, and dominate, just watch. There are no bad meditaters. So you just sit, breathe and observe. So the thoughts will continue, and you do the best you can to sharpen your attention on where your breath goes. That sensation, possibly of the belly rising and falling, or the ribs widening and softening.

And then as you find the breath again, see if you can allow yourself to reveal inner pillars and columns that get you softly upright, and naturally present you into a space where you can feel brighter, and even more magnificent. Sometimes when we slide into meditation, it's with ease and grace, and other times, there's lots of resistance. Both paths return to your breath. Let that flow guide you into a space where all of the questions and all of the answers reside. So as you steady yourself with your breath, and you continue to arrive in your seated, comfortable space, allow that connection with the divine, with something bigger, whatever resonates for you, to just seep right back in to your essence.

And you just note the way the breath has everything you need, everything you need in it. And it is a brief meditation. And my hope is always the same, that is leaves you craving, and wanting more space for quiet and cultivating stillness in your world. So you can always utilize the mantra, sat nam, I am, if the mind wanders. Sat nam.

I am. And then you note the way, in the final moments, you come back to your fingertips touching, linking the right and the left side, and how that supports deep breathing, concentration, and truly yielding the benefit of slowing down. So even that mudra during the day, bringing the fingertips together when you're hurried, can remind you to make space for not rushing. And then slowly you'll take your hands to your heart center in prayer, in anjali mudra, allowing your head to bow to your heart. And we'll seal this meditation with one round of om.

Deep inhale. Om. May we have gratitude for all the blessings in our lives, especially the ones that come in the form of challenges. Namaste.


Sasha K
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Lovely little meditation.
So helpful for days like this when everything feels like a rush.
Beth C
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So happy to be able to start my day with this. Thank you Bex.
Robin J
Healing meditation practice thank you

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