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Season 1 - Episode 3

Sole Contact: Feet First

45 min - Practice


Can you feel the quality of your connection with earth? We begin with a 5 minute seated mediation to find our center. Bex then guides us through a healing and loving practice of giving care to our feet, our primary contact point with the earth. We flow into a standing posture sequence, cool and calm with seated postures, and refresh with a heart opener. You will feel tuned in and supported.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Welcome, I'm Bex, and this'll be a practice focused on feet, freedom, and your soles' connection. You might need a Pranayama cushion or a rolled-up blanket to elevate your pelvis above your knees. I l...


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Loved this class! My little toes are so grateful for the extra attention they received. Great way to start the day feeling supported.
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What a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning after a week of stuffing myself into pretty shoes and pounding it out in spin class.
Thanks Bex. xoxo
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Thanks for the new foot technique! An hour later I can still enjoy spreading my toes!
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I like the modified 4 shape. I've always done that supine. You've also inspired me to look up and refresh my memory of all the toe spreading benefits! I'll be doing this practice daily this week to see where flexibility increases. Thanks!
Thanks for all the feedback. This is one of my favorite practices for "foot freedom and grounding." Love up those toes my friends.
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I really like this class, Bex. Thanks for being on Yogaanytime just for me!
Love this practice
Feet happiness
Such an invigorating practice
Thanks Rebecca
My feet are grateful!
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