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Season 1 - Episode 10


35 min - Practice


Slow does not mean easy. Bex begins our transition inward with a seated 5-minute meditation. We luxuriously transition into our opening sun salutations and standing sequence with an emphasis on maintaining a smooth, slow breath and calm mind. Instructions are spacious with periods of quiet to allow you to be with your own breath. We close with simple forward fold and side bend. You will feel a sense of acceptance and ease.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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(waves gently washing over the beach) Welcome, I'm back. And this session, is called Sloga. Find a comfortable seat, cross-legged or whatever resonates with you, and close your eyes. L...


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Fantastic session. I'm a new Yogi and found this session particularly beneficial. Thanks!
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In a perfect world, I would do this every day, right after I get home from work. Such a good way to unwind and feel awesome.
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Lovely restorative sequence Bex. I did a big hike this morning and I did this sequence in the evening and it was perfect for unwinding and relaxing. Thank you!!
Thanks sweet friends for your kind words. Practicing slowing down is such a sweet gift! lovelovelove bex
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Very restorative. I shall be doing this again and again!
Wow, this was amazing! I find it much easier to be mindful when I slow everything down. Sometimes, sequences are a little quick for me to truly observe everything that's happening in my body but this one was perfect - slow and steady but I still broke into a bit of a sweat! Thank you. x
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love love love slowga

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I just love the slow, gentle practices. Lovely meditation, and time for me to indulge in each position. Grateful for this session Bex. I hope you do more of this slowga πŸŒΎπŸ’œ
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Such a fun practice thanks
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A day without bex is like a day without sunshine
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