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Season 1 - Episode 3

It's Gonna be Easy & Advanced

60 min - Talk


Erich opens up the Freedom Yoga Immersion with a beautiful talk covering the main points and explains how the next five days of training are going to unfold. We've broken the talk up into chapters to help you navigate and retain the teachings.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Apr 19, 2015
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Marie B
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I live in France, and therefore I am SO HAPPY to be able to follow this teacher training from home. This is so great. Thank you Erich for allowing it and thank you YogaAnytime people!
Erich Schiffmann
You're welcome, Marie :))))
Anna W
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Love the homework and have started Monday morning with bed meditation. Fantastic to have these sessions online. I am a BigMind member which is great too but even better to have video.
Katherine E
Am so excitied to see you Erich on YogaAnytime. I love your talks and teachings. I listen to your talks often.Thank you for putting the light on yoga.
Erich Schiffmann
Lara L
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Namaste Erich. I am watching all of your videos and am truly grateful that you have shared them. I feel totally inspired by and connected with your teachings. Do you ever visit the UK?
Erich Schiffmann
Hi Lara :)) Thank you for watching and thank you for writing. No plans for the UK at this point. Last time I was there was 1977 or so :))))))
Mel E
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Thank you Erich for this course! Your teachings make so much sense; and have helped me find a positive direction for my own practice. Shared it with a couple of students - they love it! Trying to come to US in 2016. Where is it best to view these dates. Big Mind and others only go up to 2015? Many thanks Melx
Erich Schiffmann
thank you Mel :))))
I hope to see you in 2016 somewhere. I haven't scheduled very much yet, but my schedule will always be posted at
So far there's just Montana in July and Yogaville in October 2016.
Anne-Marie G
Thank you Erich, so excited to be able to continue to study with you even though I have moved from LA. Your book also appeared in my life one of the first days at a Yoga Studio I have been going to too since I moved. Feeling blessed and guided by your teachings. Thank you again.
Anne-Marie :)
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