Mandala Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Fly Through the Air

35 min - Practice


Explore your lightness of being. Jennifer weaves lessons of her previous episodes into an awesome and fun arm balance sequence with preps and many poster poses. She starts with the fundamentals and builds from there. You will feel alive, free, and inspired.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block


(waves crashing) Namaste. So far what I'm hoping that you've done is that you've watched the series on stability and equanimity, and you've watched the series on fluidity and you've wa...


Thanks Jennifer. Lovely flow. I loved the "celebration " moment!
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The "celebration" moment was my favorite too! Hahaha! Such a great way to start my morning. ??
:D Glad you liked it, both!! :D XOXO!
Hi Jennifer, I miss coming to your Sat. class at Breathe Together so I wanted to practice with you at home today. Great to see you and hear you!
When we flop our legs down in the wide position is this to teach us to be fearless? What is your main purpose of that exercise?
Thank you,
- Christy :)
I miss you too! Well, actually that bit that appears to be flopping shows up in the Mysore Primary series. I found out several years ago that jumping and fast movement were part of the early asana practice. Ideally, the heels do not come to the floor. One lands on one calves. This is easy for those of us with big calves! By no means is it necessary. And yes, fearlessness does inadvertently come into play. Try it on a rug first! Thanks for watching and I hope I see you soon. xoxo

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