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In Season 2 of Good Morning Yoga, Alana shares vinyasa sequences designed to inspire movement, generate heat, build strength, and increase flexibility. In the spirit of devotion, awareness, and sensitivity, Alana invites us to deepen our relationship with the breath and explore mindfulness centered in the body.
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Mar 30, 2015
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Namaste, welcome to season two of Good Morning Yoga. So these sequences are designed to inspire morning movement. First thing in the morning, you might find the practice during the day or in the evening. Intentionally, there is not a lot of initial chit-chat and talk, we make our way to the top of our mat and find our practice. I know for me personally, when I wake up in the morning I like to enter my day in the spirit of silence.

Make my way over to the french press, pour myself some coffee, and then find my way onto my mat. I'm not encouraging that by any means, but that's what I have found helps me practice first thing in the morning. I invite you to really, as you practice to cultivate the spirit of dedication or devotion for your practice. So you might dedicate your practice to someone or something or to yourself, but to really enter with a spirit of devotion rather than just simply moving through the postures. There's also an emphasis on finding, cultivating a relationship with the breath.

So as we find different variations of surya namaskar A and B, sun salutations, and some standing asanas, to really stay present with the quality of your breath, and this practice of mindfulness centered in the body. So I thank you so much for joining me. And enjoy the practice. Namaste.


Spencer M
Hi Alana,

Just curious - why dedicate your practice? I indeed like the idea of doing so, and it feels good to do so, just wondering what the philosophy is behind it?

Alana Mitnick
Hi Spencer,

Thank you for being here! I have found that beginning my practice with an intention or dedication (to someone, something, world peace, etc.) helps to focus my attention brings deeper meaning to my daily life, whether it's before just Sun Salutations, a few breaths, or a full practice.

I understand that in Buddhist teachings the practitioner "dedicates the merit" at end of the practice to "all sentient beings," spreading any merit or blessings earned to all beings everywhere. I really like this idea and practice.

Mostly importantly, if it feels good for you to do so, then continue the practice, otherwise, let it go and explore a new one.

Just a few thoughts. Thank you for your question.
Best wishes,
Spencer M
Hi Alana,

Thank you for your explanation!

Have an amazing day,
I love setting an intention and dedicating my practice. It helps me to step back and see the bigger picture in life. But can you please talk a little more about having a sense of devotion? Devotion to what exactly? Thanks!

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