Good Morning Yoga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 2

Wake Up and Flow

35 min - Practice


Alana guides a flowing sequence of sun salutations and deep low lunges to help us find greater freedom and ease in the body. This practice promotes moving mindfully with your breath, and increasing circulation, strength, and flexibility. You will feel a sweet, calm energy as you transition into your day.
What You'll Need: No props needed


(waves lapping) Good morning, welcome back. Please join me at the top of your mat. Just taking a few moments to drop into your practice. Inviting your awareness down into your feet and taking a few mo...


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Hi Alana. I loved this morning flow. A perfect way to start the day. Thank you. Amber x
Hi Amber! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the morning flow. Thank you for your practice and presence. xo Alana
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HI Alana, i'm new to YA and i love your classes , this one especially as its little harder than the others i tried. if you have any other harder ones ( i like dynamic ) can you let me know? ALso i just wanted to ask, when you raise your leg high and float between the hands from downward dog, i find i land nowhere near between my hands ( a bit frustrating) is there any suggestions for getting closer or does this come with time? my hips are really tight usually. THANK YOU I Love your work x
Hi Kristine,

Here's a listing of Alana's Level 2 Classes

And there are more to come.
Welcome, Kristine! So happy that you are here! As Ted mentioned, you will discover more Level 2 classes in the release of Season 2 in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

As for "floating" your foot between the hands - this is quite challenging for most people. You might try using 2 blocks (under your hands, at the lowest setting) in downward dog, and play with lifting a leg and stepping forward. Most of the action comes from engaging the core (knee to forehead) as you round the upper back towards a plank position. In the next Season, I will share some warm ups and techniques for stepping forward. Thank you, Kristine! Please keep me posted. xo
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Thankyou Ted! :) and Thank you so much alana ! what a wonderful thing Yoga anytime is reaching me in australia and what a wonderful teacher you are thank you
You're welcome, Kristine. So glad to be practicing to together! Thank YOU! xo
Lovely to practice with you today, virtually.... Thank you
Hi Mary! So happy to be practicing together. xo
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Thanks Alana, just getting back into exercise after a week away of doin g nothing. Now going into autumn, have felt so lethargic for the past few days, but this workout gave me a kick that i needed to get back into it. Found it challenging at first, but the time flew by.Thank you
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