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Season 1 - Episode 10

Honest Core

5 min - Tutorial


In this short tutorial, Robert shows us a core strengthening routine that can be added to your practice. You will need a hard floor and blanket for this. This routine will keep your core firm and honest.
What You'll Need: Hard Floor, Mat, Blanket

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(ocean waves crashing) Hey what's going on, this is Robert, welcome back to yoga anytime. What we're gonna do is like a five minute max shortie, we'll call it. Okay, we're going to use this blanket, I referenced it in another video I did, yoga strength and cardio or yoga cardio and strength. I wanna offer it to you now, okay, so what this basically is is a combination between like a sun salutation and a burpee done on a blanket. The focus is core, okay.

Definitely core, it will also strengthen your shoulders, your arms, and adds some mobility to your hips as you move the blanket back and forth. So, I'll show you the first version that I really like, and I think I'll show you three. So go ahead and here's the important thing, you need a slippery surface. A slippery surface and a blanket or a towel, or you can put socks on, something that will provide you the ability to slide back and forth, okay? Right now I've got this nice wood floor and I have this nice cozy blanket, so check it out.

So, feet are about hip width, maybe even wider, it's okay you figure out the width that makes sense for you. And you can you know, we won't necessarily talk about the breath so much, you will find the breath sequence that works for you, but you do wanna start by bringing the arms nice and tall, that could be the inhale, bend your legs, plant the palms, your heels might lift a little bit, you're gonna slide the blanket back into a plank and simply slide it forward. Bring it up, bring it down. You might inhale as you slide it back, and exhale, pull the naval up and in, and the knees way up into your chest and up. You do enough of those, I mean it really does kind of force you to focus right here, which is you know, your power center, your power core.

Alright, now I'm gonna add a pushup, see what that feels like for you. So, similar beginning, bring it down, slide back, as you're sliding back, for me I'm going to lower, and as I push up... And up, and down... (sharp exhale) (inhaling) (sharp exhale) Definitely feel the strength here and in the arms and shoulders by adding the pushup. This movement, I'll show you one more.

Up, this one will require you to have a little bit more, you might wanna start with your legs straight or slightly bent, and you can slide it back into a plank, slide it forward more okay like a pike version. And up. It's not my favorite because I don't have the bendiest of hamstrings, but it's a good one, I should work on it right, but we tend to steer away from the things we're not very good at. I actually get a little bit like, someone can do like a big fancy pose right, and I'm life, pfft, I hate that pose. It's only because I can't do it, right, so, just being honest with you.

Here we go, breathe in, breathe out, come back, and forth. And up. And down. Okay, you can get all single-leg crazy with it also, let me show you. I wasn't going to, but I'm kind of good at it so of course I'm going to give it a shot, right?

If I wasn't good at it I wouldn't show you. Come on down, bend, slide, maybe even add a pushup, and slide. And even come up with the one leg. Alright, that's, let's see if I can do the other leg. Come on down, (clears throat), and up.

That one looked a little sloppy, but anyway, that is something that I love to play with, there are a lot of different ways to do it, you can add it in. So let's say you're practicing on your mat and you've got your sun salutations, dadada, and you have this wood floor, put the blanket, put your socks, put whatever you need for that slippery surface, and add it in. It's a nice way to, it's just a nice thing to add in, it really does keep your core honest. So I love it, I hope you love it, see you next time, have a great day.


Joan J
1 person likes this.
Wonderful core work, must do this daily. Thank you for this session
Robert Sidoti
Good work Joan 💪🏼🧘‍♂️
Susan J
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Thar is hard but I can see the benefits if I keep at it.
Ch Marie d’I
not easy, need to work on it, kind of fun too
Robert Sidoti
It'll come - stay with it Ch Marie d’I !! Getting stronger with every practice! 

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