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Keepin' it Real

Season 1

In season 1, Robert shares a variety of practices for cultivating strength, vitality, and power. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned yogi, these accessible and challenging sequences will bring you to your edge and invite you to breathe. You will discover a range from mellow floor practices to lunges and sun salutations to strong vinyasa flow and cardio core workouts—all designed to help you feel strong, alive, and connected to your power.


Rino M
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I'm new to Yoga, maybe practiced four times. I happened upon this site, signed up and I like your approach. It could help that I'm a dude and i relate to the way you approach the practice. So, my question is should I stick with for instance "Start your Day" for a week before I progress to the next session?
Claudia M
Is this kind of yoga gonna help me to lose baby weight?
Pietro M.
Why nobody answer here? the Question of Rino is relevant
Kira Sloane
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Hi Pietro M., I'm not sure how that question slipped through without an answer. Season 1 of Keepin' it Real is somewhat progressive, so if Start Your Day is challenging, yes, you might repeat this practice a few times before continuing. A lot of our members really like the mood of this class and come back to it often. Hope this helps. Best, Kira
Pietro M.
Kira Sloane thank you for your prompt answer! Much appreciated, It was strange to me that nobody answered to that question in 2 years:). All of us were beginners once and we need to be guided.I've also written you a message about bed practice for a better sleep in your inbox.Have a look when you have time and thank you again for this amazing platform! Ciao Kira Sloane
Terry O
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Very difficult to navigate from one session to next!

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