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Season 3 - Episode 5

Removing our Obstacles

15 min - Practice


The call to Ganesha for support in meeting our obstacles is one of our most favorite chants. Julia breaks down each line, translating and guiding us word for word. She then leads us into a circular round of singing which results in a deep inner quietude and serenity.

We have attached a PDF with the mantra so that you can follow along with the chant.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jul 29, 2015
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Julia, I love singing with you! Thank you for this!
and i love singing with you!!! xxx
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You are my Favorite on this app. Thanks for sharing your practice with me...I see the obstacles being removed in my life. NAMASTE
namaste robert
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Thank you Julia. Chanting with you was an uplifting and energising experience :))
Thanks for joining me Debra ... happy you feel the effects
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Thank you for this beautiful and illuminating series, Julia Berkeley . I feel the magic x
Yay Bianca , thanks for tuning into the magic!
Thank you I loved this, please can you let me know the chords for the mantra so I can learn on the harmonium x 
Hi Helena, The chords for "Om Gam Ganapatiye Namaha" and again for "Ganesha Sharanam" line are C minor, F minor, G minor and C minor.
For the "Jai Ganesha" bit it moves between C minor and Bflat major.
Hope that helps! Good luck and feel free to ask again. 
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