Freedom Yoga Immersion Artwork
Season 5 - Episode 2

I See You and I Love You

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In Chapters 1-3, Erich refers to the manual (download manual from this class) that he handed out during his live Freedom Yoga Immersion and expands on the teachings. In chapters 4-6, Erich expands on the practice of mirror gazing as a way of enhancing our ability to see more clearly, and he defines love as the willingness to recognize that which is real. In the final chapter, Erich dives into the depths of listening for inner guidance, freewill, and decision-making, inspiring us to trust our feelings and impulses—with one ear to the Infinite at all times.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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"If you want a different experience you have to start doing things differently ... be increasingly attentive to what's going on for you." Thank you.
Doug, love. Thanks for the catch. Glad you are here. xok
Wow! Thank you!
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HI there, LOVE this!!!! is the manual Erich shares available for download? I clicked on the link above and there was not a reference. Thank you!
Adrianne, this is the link:
// 2015/05/07/FREEDOM-YOGA-TT-MANUAL-2 014.pdf

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Thank you! Namaste!
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feeling so happy and so lucky to have been guided to yogaanytime and erich's freedom yoga immersion!! and thank you so much erich for sharing your heart and your teachings. i have been savoring every bit and loving it and living it. and i feel so grateful! deepest bows. and kira thank you so much for providing the pdf link -- yay!
thank you Clare :))))
that means so much to me :)))
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Really grateful to be able to listen in to all these talks. I especially enjoy the Q & A!
Thank you for these talks. I always appreciate them, on YogaAnytime, and in person.
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