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Season 3 - Episode 6

Freedom Yoga Practice, Day 3

25 min - Practice


Erich invites us to start with something that we already know or feel like doing, and then encourages us to listen for inner guidance. We practice together and close with a long Savasana and meditation. Play your own music, or click here for the playlist Erich used in this class.


1. My Life -- Bahramji & Mashti

2. Una mattina -- Ludovico Einaudi

What You'll Need: Mat

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This will be two songs. And then watch how you transition out of this into the free form and what you find yourself feeling like doing. And then watch how you transition in this into the free form and what you find yourself feeling like doing. you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you OK, then make your way to a Seated position, okay. Again, I've been wanting to get Longcham Asanas in each session, but we don't have time right now.

And there is actually a class coming in at 4.30 today, so we have to... So it would be smarter to finish sitting up. Again, watch what you're doing to get the alignments just right. Especially if you're a teacher, watch yourself more and more closely. You're doing something, there's a natural sequence of events.

And you want to end up so you're grounded, and in a gentle, full, relaxed bloom. And so snuggle, grow tall, and then relax. And remember, stay aware of your surroundings. Micro-movements through your head and neck. Micro-movements through your spine, through your pelvis, through everywhere to get it just right.

You'll then be able to relax into it. If you were slumped and then you relaxed, you would slump more and more and more and more. But once you pull yourself up into the erect spot, then you can relax. And be aware that you are here with other yogis. You are online just right now, effortlessly, because of the way it is.

You're connected to the Internet of Infinite Mind consciousness. Keep letting the tension level in your form diminish, just little by little by little by little. When you relax your eyes, for example, notice where you go. Watch how you do it. Just let your awareness swim around through that area.

Crown, chakra, wide open from the center of your head, wide open. So all the chakras, your whole form, just opening. And all you've got to do is stop holding yourself shut. Just soften. Feel the relief.

Be aware of the ripple of your breathing. Be aware of the subtle fragrance in the air. And once again, be aware that by being together like this and practicing together like this, and by talking about the stuff, we're helping one another become more humane human beings. We're helping one another be happy about that. And mentally, telepathically, thank everyone here for being here.

And mentally, telepathically, thank the room for being here so that we could be here. And mentally, telepathically, exude love out to the world and beyond. And notice how you feel as you're doing that. The idea is to be the place where love flows through because it's good for others and it's good for you. Do it here where it's easy.

Okay, Yogis, namaste. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, everybody.


Phuong E
Yes, it dawned on me this morning during my morning run,  that I want to fill my home with good vibrations.  Home, being my domicile, town, country, planet.  Then I heard you say it again in this practice, “Be the place where love flows through.”  Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Erich.

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