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According to the yogic texts, the breathing practices were considered to be where the deeper transformation occurred. In Season 1, Richard, with the help of Betsy and Alana, gently guides us through pranayama and meditation practices, encouraging us to explore slowly. These experiments build a foundation for what will be shared in the following seasons to come. You will feel held and seen.
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Nov 08, 2015
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Hi, welcome to season one of these practices for breathing and meditation. It's very important that you pay close attention to the practices in this season because they form the basis of later practices that will come up in season two. We encourage you to particularly pay attention to the breathing practices, which as you may know at one time form the foundation of the traditional Hatha Yoga practice. The breathing practices were considered to be where the real transformation happened, not just cosmetic change, but a much deeper spiritual transformation. And the meditation too is very useful.

And so we encourage you to go through this season very slowly and carefully, not to be in a hurry to move on to something else, and to stay here for a good while and integrate these particular practices into your daily routine, particularly the practices in which we worked on sitting. The sitting practices are essential for meditation and breathing. And you will be in good hands with our helpers, Betsy and Ilana. They are both experienced practitioners and teachers, and you will do well to watch them very carefully as they model the different positions and exercises that we do. Both of them did do a very accurate representation of what the practitioners should be doing in these exercises.

So again, welcome to season one, and we wish you good luck. Namaste.


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