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We are here right now; our job is to simply start to notice this fact. Kira, Alana, and Julia introduce our first season, which is a collection of simple three to five-minute practices designed to help us soften the resistance and participate more fully in our lives.
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Jun 15, 2015
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Welcome. We're all here, and it's right now. This is what the Sages have been trying to get us to understand for forever. Yoga is here and she's now. We just refuse to notice.

So with the help of my good friends Alana and Julia, we're excited to be playing in this first season of Here and Now, which is really for us, been a wonderful, poetic, musical exercise in how to best present some of these techniques and these teachings in as refined a way as we can to assist all of us in this practice of dropping in Here and Now. We're glad you're here, right now. Join us.


Sharon H
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More Ocean!
Gabriella N
Happy to be here now with you Three! ????
Kira Sloane
Gabriella! xoxok

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