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Season 1 - Episode 9

A Taste of Kirtan

30 min - Conversation


Julia has a conversation with special guest Sudama Mark Kennedy. Sudama shares his journey to devotional chanting and Bhakti Yoga. Together, Julia and Sudama sing a call and response mantra that inspires a flow of love and devotion in the heart.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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I love the moment that Sudama defines "Yoga is doing what needs to be done." So beautiful.
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This was a wonderful treat to hear about Kirtan and discover the inner workings.
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Jai ma!
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thanks for sharing this chant, this one is new to me and felt very good, wondering if you could write it out here for us
michelle so glad you felt the medicine of this chant and thanks for asking for the words. They are

Jai Jai Vitthal Jai Hari Vitthal

Vitthal or Vitthale or Vitthala are different ways of spelling this particular incarnation of Vishnu who is being celebrated in this chant.
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So beautiful! 
Amelia W 💕
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Thank you for the beautiful chant x
Thanks for being here Caroline S 
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adored this!
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