Inner Workings Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 3

Hamstring Flossing

15 min - Practice


When we understand how we are put together, things make more sense. With a keen sense of curiosity and wonderment, we explore the hamstrings in relationship to the rotational movements of the hips. In addition to allowing more space in the hip joint and the backs of the legs, we are developing the basic skills that will assist in approaching more complex postures.
What You'll Need: Strap

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Perfect for me especially since I am so very stiff :(
Really dissolved tightness in the back of my legs. I will do this one often. Amazing Kira.
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Simon, happy. xok
Kathy! LOVE!
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Thank you again for a great practice. I never practiced the hamstrings stretch with an inwards and outwards hip rotation. Untypical for me, and intense for my hips, but they felt energized after the practice.
Silke, happy to hear! xok
Wow, just that slight rotation of the foot got deep into my hips. I experienced very new, and intense, sensations. This is a practice I will do every day, my hips and hamstrings are very tight. Hopefully it will help me loosen up in these areas, thank you Kira.
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Hi Joan Jotz! It's amazing in there isn't it!!?? Glad you are here. xok
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So great, doing this every day. I feel fabulous after this flossing of the hip joints.
Right on, Joan Jotz!
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