Inner Workings Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 7

Open the Neck and Shoulders

20 min - Practice


We explore the rotation of the shoulders to help us play more effectively in the delicate and magnificent landscape of the neck. The purpose is to become interested in the small details and in the relationships within. Kira sacrifices all self pride as she demonstrates the Wise Guy Stretch. The result is a new sense of spaciousness in the neck, arms, and hands.
What You'll Need: No props needed


(waves crashing) Welcome back! So what we'll do now is we'll start to experiment with opening up a little bit through the channels of the shoulders, and the arms, and the neck. We've mostly been focus...


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Love this, so helpful to slow down and explore!
Diane, Love. Sweet to see you here. xok
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Thank you for such a playful :) and fun approach with releasing stress from these areas.

Love it!! Neck and shoulder bliss. : )
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Lovely cueing, Kira. L-O-V-E
slow, tender continuous openings... loving this, thank you kira x
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Misty! So happy to be together here.
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Really nice. My neck is happy:)
I can feel your tenderness right through the screen! lucky me!
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