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Together we discover how yoga can bring us home to a place that feels friendly, safe, and expansive. Linda introduces us to Season 1 of Yoga Love, where she offers asana practices, talks, and meditations centered on body image and yoga to help nurture a loving connection with ourselves.
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Nov 07, 2015
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(waves crashing) Welcome and thank you for joining me on this exploration of body image and yoga. It's been a passion of mine pretty much forever. Trying to figure out how, how to have and perhaps how to heal my relationship with my body. And I've written about yoga and body image, I've written about why yoga works, maybe why yoga's part of the problem, so I've done a lot of exploration through my own body and through my working with young girls and working with my students. I'm excited about this opportunity to really unpack what this means.

How actually can yoga bring me home? And we're looking at it in a number of ways, you'll hear me talk about it, I have practices that I really think can actually encourage the mind to come into the body in a little bit more friendly way. Both through meditation and through asana. So I invite you to join me and take this journey together and see where we land. Namaste.


Bridgid M
Linda....I'm so excited to take this journey with you! ~ Namaste

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