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Season 1 - Episode 3

Body Image and Yoga

20 min - Talk


How do we move from a place of separation to a place of self-love and acceptance? The conversation about body image and yoga is not a new one, but it continues to be an important one. Linda unpacks her feelings about the topic—examining how the modern yoga world presents challenges to promoting a healthy body image, and how yoga can serve as a companion for healing the inner struggle we may have with our own bodies.
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Nov 07, 2015
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(waves and ocean flowing) So I've been talking about body image and yoga, seemingly forever. And the topic never gets old, but at the same time, it never seems to go away. And with statistics that say...


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How refreshing. Thank you so much Linda, you are a beautiful inspiration to me, newly committing to yoga at the age of 49 and having these battles with myself and my body about its limitations and failings. I needed to hear this and be reminded and am very grateful to you.
Oh Joanna... thank you for sharing. I so know what you mean! One of the hardest things for me to remember is that my body has no failings; it's just has places that need a little more patience, love and understanding to unfold and blossom. You are on your way!
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Thank you, for bringing this subject up. I have heard women say ,as there body changes they don't want to go to yoga studios anymore. I want to encourage them to keep moving forward. When I do my practice I started to thank my body for doing yoga.And I started to feel grateful .
Than you, for your inspiration

What a lovely thing to do Katherine. Anytime we can begin our practice with gratitude it changes the whole nature of our time on the mat. Suddenly we see our body with fresh eyes and our relationship to it can soften and blossom. Thank YOU for sharing.
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Thank you Linda for this honest discussion. I am a 52 year old teacher who teaches mainly this age group. Being a teacher adds additional pressure to this issue because we are expected to practice what we preach, which is a tall order. But the greater lesson is that we are all humans experiencing very similar thoughts
often set upon us by our environment i.e.: Facebook, Instagram, magazines, TV and even the yoga studio, as you mentioned. It helps to share these thoughts. Thank you for doing that.
Whitney, you are so right. Not only are we expected to practice what we preach, we're expected to look the way our culture perceives a yoga teacher to look--fit, thin, young, flexible. And the question becomes, Can I teach yoga when I no longer fit the mold? And my answer, of course, is maybe that's when the true teaching begins! Thank you so much for taking time to weigh in.
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Thank you for your authenticity and bravery, Linda. I'm honored that you quoted me in your talk and explanation about how the separation of mind and body is the opposite of the union possible through yoga. You are the love. I know many people will feel invited to the practice because of how you welcome all bodies, all shapes, all sizes, all experience, all. Thank you.
Melody Moore...the work you do out in the world inspires me and helps so many young women. I will forever sing your praises!
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Linda, you have a beautiful spirit! Thank you for sharing these words. I'm looking forward to the remaining videos.
thank you for your honesty Linda! I really do appreciate it and relate to much of what you speak of. Just recently I realized that depriving myself constantly of foods I enjoy, in the pursuit of the "ideal" body is a form of self hatred! This idea took my breath away! I started to eat with mindfulness, with joy, with awareness, with gratefulness and a sense of adventure and its made SUCH a beautiful, accepting, loving difference. I am suddenly seeing my body as the gift of the Divine that it truly is! and for the first time in my adult life, I am falling in love with myself, with ALL of myself! and interestingly enough, I am eating in a balanced and nurturing manner! It is a tragedy that women, in general, have been at war with ourselves for, far to long. Yes! lets keep this conversation going, I suddenly find myself with lots to say on the subject! lol! Thank You!
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