Yin Yoga: Liquid Yin
Jeanne Korn

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I have, for so long, been a gonzo fan of Kira's and Alana's practices, that in the first half-minute of seeing a new face in season five, my first reaction was, "Who is this interloper?"  After about thirty seconds, I then thought, "Kira and Alana must have signed off on handing the legacy of this show to Jeanne, so I MUST be in good hands."  Ohhhhh, yeaaaaahhhh.  I do apologize for my temporary, if short-lived, prejudicial reaction. 

After my first class, I, of course, quickly devoured the rest of them!  Jeanne's intimate knowledge of the chakras and how, anatomically, to tap into these power centers is the best I've seen.  I maintain a fairly regular schedule of practicing once in the morning and once in the evening; and Jeanne is now a staple in my yin diet.  With a friendly presence, excellent softening and strengthening poses, delightful banter, and unbridled enthusiasm, what's not to like?
~ Peter Ferber 
Peter Ferber, hahah. Yes, we adore Jeanne and we are so happy you do too! xoKira
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Hi, Kira:
Adoring you back!
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Peter Ferber oh my GOODness Peter, thank you so much!  It was a delightful experience to share my offerings on the  fabulous YogaAnytime!
I'm so grateful to Kira and Alana for making space on the mat for me ha!
Glad you enjoyed it and... carry on:)
Jeanne, love that photo of you SO MUCH!!!
Oh, you're so welcome.  

Here's a fun story..  Another instructor I follow is Melina Meza, and we both live in the Bay Area.  I was using the restroom and happened on a poster of Melina, advertising one of her classes, which I attended.  When she introduced herself to me, I said, "You don't know me, but I sure know you!"  After rattling off some of my favorite episodes, Melina said, "You know my practice better than I do."

Joanne, are you standing in front of the building where Yoga Anytime is filmed?  I've long wondered. ~ Peter Ferber 
Hello Peter Ferber!  This photo was taken in front of our beloved Ojai You Shala, where I've been honored to teach the last few years.
As with most studios, during these most extraordinary times, we are all online:)
jeannetkorn.weebley.c om
I love your yin practices & use them as templates for teaching gentle yoga to seniors on zoom now that studios are closed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Thanks, Lorraine
Good morning Lorraine!  Oh this is wonderful to hear, I'm so glad you enjoy the practice and are weaving it into your teachings!  Glad you are teaching Seniors, it's such a gift these days for everyone to "gather" and move their bodies, while safe at home!
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