The Vinyasa Show: Twist it Out<br>Rosemary Garrison

The Vinyasa Show: Twist it Out
Rosemary Garrison

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Jennie M
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Lovely, perfect practice for wringing out the stress. Thank you and namaste!
Rosemary Garrison
Thanks, Jennie! That means so much. Have a beautiful day and be well, R
Marisa W
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Great directions and guidance for adjustments. The sequence is just right for when you're a little stiff or lethargic. Definitely feel more energised and in a better mood.
Rosemary Garrison
Yay! That's wonderful to hear. Enjoy, R
Geraldine S
Loved this practice and it presents me with some challenges to encourage me to return (binds!)
Rosemary Garrison
Thanks, Geraldine! Let me know when you get the binds! ; )
Jenny S
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Very nice Christmas Eve de-stresser for this busy Mom 🎄🙏🏻
North F
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Rosemary Garrison
Thanks, Jenny! So wonderful to find time for practice amidst the holidays. No small task. ; )
Helene S
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Thanks so much for this lovely class! It feels very restorative after a few weeks of longer ashtanga sessions. I really love all of your classes!
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