The Vinyasa Show: Twist it Out
Rosemary Garrison

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Thank you, Helene! This truly means so much. And isn't sweet to take a little break from the longer, intense Ashtanga classes? I'm always so grateful for the alternative. Enjoy!
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Another lovely flow sequence : ) Thank you!!
Thank you, Kate! So glad you enjoyed it. Shine on!
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OMG! I was sleeping when I hear you closing the practice! Wow! I love it!
Truly?! That is the MAGIC, Ruth. Thank you so much for sharing. 
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That figure of four/thread the needle at the end was blissful. It amazes me how much delightful sensation I am aware of, particularly when I close my eyes. Thank you, Rosemary.
"Delightful sensation," I love that, Ali ! Thank you for sharing. 
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This was the perfect practice today after the last few days of not sleeping as well and emotionally drained. I can tell it is helping with the healing on all levels. Thank you! XO
I'm so happy to hear that, Chris C . Little by little... Sending love. 
Nice and usefull practice! Thanks, Rosemary! Regards! 💖
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