Yoga Power Hour: Shoulder Opening Flow<br>Rosemary Garrison

Yoga Power Hour: Shoulder Opening Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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Danielle P
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Perfect all around class! And my neck and shoulders do feel soooo much better! Thank you and Namaste!
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Danielle . I'm so happy your neck and shoulders feel better- such a sticky spot for so many of us. Enjoy!
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Bliss. You make this so easy to follow with your calm, clear instructions. Loved the shoulderstand at the end. It felt effortless. Thank you.
Chris C
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Lucious, lovely, and loose is how my shoulders and body feel after this! Thank you! XO
Deven Sisler
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I love everything about this episode and the flow- the cadence, the cues, the tone of Rosemary's voice. Thank you so much, it felt wonderful.
Rosemary Garrison
Ohhh, thank you, Deven Sisler . This brings me such JOY. Beautifully said. Be safe, be well. 
Rosemary Garrison
Yay! Thank you, Chris . You are a love. 
Jenny  P
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It feels wonderful, thank you very much 😊
Rosemary Garrison
You are most welcome, Jenny P ! Thank you for sharing in the practice and for the sweet feedback. 
David G-
Hey Rosemary:

Are we supposed to feel taller after a practice? I had a cool sensation of this walking up the stairs. 

Still so amazed at feeling another  enormous blood sugar drop after practice. I must have burned a 600 to 800 calories. The intrinsic muscles had no more ATP? 

 You asked at one point go register how we felt after all the opening. I was tired! Always so happy refocusing in Warrior 2 and doing/seeing new variations. 

Namaste, David 
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