30 Minute Yoga Flows: Ground and Flow<br>Linda Baffa

30 Minute Yoga Flows: Ground and Flow
Linda Baffa

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Briana N
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glad to see this show is back for season 2!
Tracy L
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Thank you Linda, this was a perfect practice for what I needed today. I enjoyed every minute and have it added to my favorites!
Linda Baffa
Tracy So happy to hear you enjoyed the practice! Sending Love and Gratitude...
Lisa R
I love your clear instructions, invitations & prompts.
They all make such a difference in my alignment & presence in my practice.
Thank you!
Linda Baffa
Lisa so great to hear! I'm glad the instructions come across clearly and allow you to drop into your body and your practice. Thanks for the feedback. Namaste~
Kim R
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Your practice was beautiful and everything that I needed. Thank you!
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this was awesome, just what the doctor ordered. best 30 min practice i've done in some time. thank you!
Linda Baffa
Shawnee Great to hear! So glad you enjoyed the practice. Namaste!
Linda Baffa
Kim Thanks for sharing your feedback. How wonderful to hear the practice gave you everything you needed! Ahhh... the best. :) Be well! ~Linda
Kit & Dee Dee
Wonderful 30 min all around practice. Ready for the day now!
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