30 Minute Yoga Flows: Ground and Flow
Linda Baffa

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Katrin So glad you enjoyed the practice!!  Glad we can connect virtually during this time. All the best!

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Great practice today!  Thanks for sharing you practice. 
Carolyn B Happy to be practicing here together! All the best~
Lovely sequence. Thank you 
Great core work, could really fire my energy being stoked. Also, enjoyed the lovely flowing movements and deep breathing to connect mind body and soul. I finish with meditation to feel completely grounded and ready to face the day. Namaste.
This was  WONDERFUL ground to flow practice!  I haven't practiced for a while because of back injury and a bad flu virus. Just beginning to feel myself again  and picked this practice to do this afternoon.. So restorative. Thank you! Namaste
Nice and interesting practice! Thanks, Linda! Namaste! 💝💖❤️
This flow was so align with me this morning!
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