Good Morning Yoga: Slow Wake Up
Alana Mitnick

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I enjoyed this so much, thank you!
Thank you for joining me, Sandy! So glad you are here! Enjoy your day.
Hi I love this practice! A general question- I can't get my feet flat on the ground for downward facing dog. I try to keep my hips back and my shoulders away from my ears. Any suggestions please? Thanks Eimear
Hi Eimear, Great question. This is super common, and depending on your body, this is a process that may happen slowly over years of practice (or perhaps not in this lifetime). A few general suggestions - what would it feel like to draw your lower belly up towards your spine, as you lift and spread your sit bones? Then allow your calves and heels to get heavy and lengthen towards the floor. You might notice that as you bring your hands and feet closer together, your heels come closer to the ground, but at the expense of your back rounding and heaviness in the arms? Try finding a happy medium- where your spine is lengthening, fingers rooting, belly engaged, as the heels get heavy. Play with that and let me know what you find! Enjoy, Alana
My first practice with YogaAnytime. I introduced myself to Yoga through another app. months ago. But, now, so very pleased to join YogaAnytime. Much more personal, warm and human. I needed this gentle intro into the day. Thank you Alana!
A GREAT practice - not in the morning for me today but after 5 hours of painting walls and ceiling. This untangled the knots and gave me back my body - thank you!
Wonderful news, Geraldine. What a relief!
Your classes are the first 2 I've done in my trial and I love them . Thank you xxx
Wonderful, Casey. Welcome! So delighted to be practicing together. There are so many incredible practices and teachings to explore on Yoga Anytime. Enjoy! ~ Alana
My gosh, I did not want that to end! So calming. X
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