The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 2: Cultivate Kindness<br>Wade Gotwals

The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 2: Cultivate Kindness
Wade Gotwals

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Sarah Beston
Hi Michelle I will reach out via email to see if we can help with your connection troubles! Best, Sarah
Wendy W
Beautiful, thank you!
Thanks Wendy glad you are connecting with it!
Helena T
Thank you again an interesting and challenging start to the morning - already looking forward to the next one
HI Helena I'm glad its a 'good' challenge! Especially this time of year when things can get gloomy - a lil endorphin rush and some kindness goes a long way! Thanks for being with us on the challenge
Ruth E
I feel sooo good, thank you!
Ruth great! make sure to share that feeling with everyone you meet! thanks for sharing w/ us
Glenford N
I felt myself fillex with the power of love and kindness as an energy welled up inside of me from the deepest pit of my stomach and surged through my heart lungs and chest, Quite overwhelming quite wonderful. Thanks Wade.
Hi Glenford thanks for sharing, its sounds like you are really in the sweet spot and open to the experience of this challenge, thanks for inspiring others on the forum
Elissa P
Did this one again and loved it as much as the first run. Thanks Wade.
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