Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 17: Slow and Groovy
Shelley Williams

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Thank you.
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Loved this one... beautiful balance between heart-opening expansion and the sweetness of the slow lunar flow.
Sloane this one had your name on it for sure... sending you a huge hug, friend!!
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Dear Shelley, I do the forward tilt of the pelvis (maybe not the whole time) in a half moon, but it still gives me uncomfortable (a bit painful) sensation in my lower back, maybe around 5th vertebrae. What can I do?
Hi Nadia ! Nice to hear from you again, friend! In half moon, actually try doing a bit of a posterior tilt, rather than anterior. Especially if you have an arch/ lordotic lower back. Lengthen the lumbar spine, engage low belly, and feel the tailbone reach down toward the heel of raised leg. Let me know how it goes!
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Shelley) thank you for remembering me. That feels sweet) yes, that's what I meant. I do the posterior tilt (just named it wrong). Maybe I don't engage the lower belly much. The image of Sr teaching with a coxix towards the heel of the upper foot is also nice. I'll keep that in mind. Thank you.
Hi Nadia! How are you? Sending you big hugs!!
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Oh, Shelley. It's so nice to receive this message from you. I know you truly mean it and it feels so sweet. How do you find energy to connect and write thoughtful comments to many people on a daily basis?

I'm OK. A bit.. Quite struggling with quitting my old habbits of putting myself down and putting pressure on myself, holding my potential and procrastinating. It's quite frustrating. And nothing really helps. I'm surprised how I'm still sticking to yoga. It's really because of you.

I hope it's OK that I shared. I very very rarely share such things.
Nice flowing class. I've enjoyed the hip stretch variation (lower leg slightly forward). Thank you!
I loved today's practice! Thanks, Shelley! Kind regards from Croatia!
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